Appliance rebates excite businesses

Trent Roth stocks dishwashers outside Prestige Appliances during preparations for the rebate program starting Wednesday.

The South Carolina Appliance Rebate Program doesn't start until Wednesday, but it's already driving customers to stores.


Prestige Appliances in Aiken has been receiving calls since last week, and customers have been coming in to select appliances they plan to buy Wednesday, general manager Trent Roth said.

"It's definitely stimulating individuals to make appliance purchases that maybe were not thinking of doing it before. Customers are making decisions that were maybe on the fence of remodeling or upgrading appliances," Roth said.

South Carolina shoppers can receive a rebate between $50 and $500 on Energy Star appliances, heaters or air conditioners. The state has $3.9 million to give in rebates, said Megan Herring, the public information coordinator for the South Carolina Energy Office. The program is funded through federal stimulus funds.

The Home Depot on Whiskey Road in Aiken has also seen an influx of customers, said appliance specialist Brandon Hudson.

"We've got a lot of people who are waiting until this Wednesday to buy. It's going to bring a lot of business into the store, I think," Hudson said.

The store is giving an extra 10 percent off Energy Star appliances to coincide with the rebate program.

"I think it's going to get a lot of old appliances out of service," Hudson said.

Customers must allow retailers to recycle their old, inefficient appliances to ensure they are removed from the power grid, according to the South Carolina Energy Office.

The rebate will be applied instantly at the register.

Prestige Appliances will assist customers with of an online form so the state can track the program's funding, Roth said.

Georgia's version of the rebate program started in February and has an estimated 103 days before the funds expire.

Rebate Program

The South Carolina Appliance Rebate Program starts Wednesday. Residents can receive rebates on the following Energy Star appliances:

- Clothes washers: $100

- Dishwashers: $50

- Refrigerators: $50

- Room air-conditioning units: $50

- Central air-conditioning units: $200

- Heat pump: $500

- Gas furnace: $500

- Gas-condensing water heater: $400

- Electric heat pump water heater: $400

- High-efficiency gas storage water heater: $100

- High-performance gas storage water heater: $200

- Gas tankless water heater: $400

- Solar electric water heater: $400

- Solar gas water heater: $400

Rebates will not apply to online purchases or purchases made before Wednesday.

The rebate will be applied instantly at the register. Installers of whole-house equipment will reserve rebates online and then provide customers with mail-in forms.

For more information, visit gov or call (803) 737-8030.

Source: South Carolina Energy Office