IRS has $30 million in unclaimed refunds for Georgians

College students and senior citizens might have a check waiting for them.


The IRS reports that it has more than $30 million for Georgians who did not file federal income tax returns for 2008. To collect the refund, a person must file a 2008 tax return with the IRS by April 17.

The refunds are available for nearly 36,000 individuals, said IRS spokesman Mark Green.

Some individuals, particularly senior citizens and college students who worked part-time jobs, might not have filed taxes because they did not have enough income to file a tax return.

They had taxes withheld, however, from their wages or made quarterly estimated payments, he said.

“I strongly encourage parents to check with their children to see if they had a summer job,” Green said. “More than likely, if they had withholding during that period of time, they need to file a tax return before Tuesday, April 17, in order to claim that refund. It’s their money they’re claiming back that they worked for.”

The median amount of the unclaimed refund is $581, according to a release.

When a return is not filed, taxpayers have three years by law to claim their refund before the money becomes the property of the U.S. Treasury, Green said.

“There is no penalty for filing a late return qualifying for a refund,” Green said.

This tax return cannot be filed electronically, but taxpayers can receive their refund sooner by having it deposited directly into a checking or savings account.

Taxpayers seeking a 2008 refund will have their checks held if they have not filed tax returns for 2009 and 2010.

The refund will be applied to money still owed to the IRS and can be used to satisfy unpaid child support or past-due federal debts such as student loans, according to a news release.


Tax forms are available on the Forms and Publications page of or by calling (800) TAX-FORM or (800) 829-3676.

Taxpayers who are missing Forms W-2, 1098, 1099 or 5498 for 2008, 2009 or 2010 should request copies from their employer, bank or other payer. If they cannot provide copies, taxpayers can get a free transcript with information from these documents at, by filing Form 4506-T or calling (800) 908-9946.


Source: IRS