Kirby: What's your favorite scary movie?

We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.


– Stephen King


Something to consider for Halloween: What are the 10 Scariest Movies of All Time?

I’m no expert, but I know where to find some. The Internet is full of such lists.

I reviewed about a dozen, and the one that made the most sense to me was offered by Entertainment Weekly:

1. The Shining

2. The Exorcist

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

4. The Silence of the Lambs

5. Jaws

6. The Ring

7. Halloween (1978)

8. Psycho

9. Seven

10. Rosemary’s Baby

(So, what do you think?)


AS FOR ME: I actually like this list because I’ve seen most of these movies.

I think The Exorcist should be No. 1, because it was the first and last movie I ever saw that had people fleeing to the restrooms because they were sick to their stomachs.

I wasn’t one of them. I was laughing too hard.

You see … I attended a daytime matinee showing with a group of my college fraternity brothers. During the dramatic scenes (I am not making this up.) I slipped on a Halloween devil mask from beneath my coat and casually turned around and looked at the patrons behind me.

I discovered that, when confronted by evil, most people react in pretty sudden and hilarious ways.

I did not think The Shining was nearly so frightening and took a date, who enjoyed it so much she later found out that its author, Stephen King, was taking part in a book-signing in Atlanta and got him to autograph a copy for me.

She’s gone, but I’ve still got the book.


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TODAY’S JOKE: Jim Hope, of Sylvania, Ga., comes through again. Out in the country, he says, you don’t see too many people hang gliding.

But one farmer, Ol’ Zeke, decided to save up and bought himself a hang glider.

He took it to the highest hill around, and after struggling to the top jumped off into the wind.

Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Hicks were sitting on the porch swing when Ma spotted the biggest bird she ever seen!

“Look at the size of that bird, Pa!” she said.

Her husband stood up and shouted, “Git my gun!”

She quickly returned with his favorite weapon. He took careful aim and “BANG … BANG … BANG … BANG!”

The monster-size bird continued to sail silently over the treetops.

“I think ya missed him, Pa,” Ma said.

“Yeah,” he replied, “but at least he let go of Ol’ Zeke!”




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