Tell us why you kept old papers

The old forget, the young don't know.


-- German proverb

Help me find the oldest copy of The Augusta Chronicle.

Al Williams, of Evans, sent me a note last week and told me he had a very old copy of the South's Oldest Newspaper.

That was an inspiration.

You see, we're celebrating The Chronicle's 225th birthday in August, and we know people have long kept important front pages as keepsakes. Often, those yellowed, old papers are passed down.

Well, who's got the oldest?

We'd like to do a story on some of the most ancient and why you happened to hold on to them.

So send me an e-mail to the address below and tell me what date you have, or let me know about a special front page you kept.

SUMMERTIME MAIL: Cheryl and Jimmy Melton and April and Charles Neal send a big postcard from San Francisco showing AT&T Park. They saw the Giants beat the Orioles 10-2 and report the stadium is really pretty, really cool, and it was windy.

Three from Texas? Craig , Lisa , Kayla and Tyler Churchill , from Martinez; Gary and Brenda Hardy , from Dearing; and Sylvia Rambo , from Evans, all sent cards from the Lone Star State.

Alvin and Sherry Wilder , of Dearing, were in Las Vegas and sent three cards, including one from Hoover Dam.

Ron , Nancy and Anja came through with a hard-to-get card from Delaware.

James and Camilla Hooper , of Edgefield, visited Butte, Mont. Sandra and Shirley Johnson send cards from Idaho and Oregon.

Gloria and Lowell Greenbaum send a card from West Virginia on their way to New England.

Tammy and Leon Ray , of Augusta, say there's no oil on the beach at Isle of Palms, S.C.

Norman and Margaret Taylor send a specially hand-stamped card from Sapelo Island, Ga.

Jewelle sends greetings from Nebraska, where it was nice and cool in Lincoln.

Eric and Stef Frickey were enjoying cool weather, too, in Pebble Beach, Calif., where they saw the U.S. Open.

Charles and Mary Reeves , of Harlem, said it only got up to 75 in Pennsylvania's Amish Country.

And Charlotte Cash and Abigail Cash send a card from Minnesota.

TODAY'S JOKE: Harry Thomason shares this one.

An older couple who had been married more than 40 years were sitting on their sun deck one summer evening looking into their neighbors' yard.

The young, newly married couple who lived there were planting flowers. Suddenly, the young husband threw down his plant, grabbed his wife, gave her a passionate kiss, scooped her up in his arms and took her in their house.

The older wife turned to her husband and asked, "Why don't you ever do that?"

"I'd like to," her husband replied, "but I don't know her that well."



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