Goodale House owner gets 60-day extension before trial

A Richmond County Magistrate Judge gave the Goodale House's owner, Wes Sims, 60 days to begin restorations on the 215-year-old Federal-style building.
By Wesley Brown

Kroger gives $20,000 in school supplies to Augusta teachers

The Kroger grocery store's Atlanta division held its third annual school supply giveaway at Westside, distributing $20,000 in supplies to almost 700 Augusta teachers.
By Sean Gruber

GRU green tea lozenge helps dry mouth

In a randomized control trial of the MighTeaFlow lozenge versus a placebo with just a sugar substitute, the green-tea extract lozenge increased saliva flow.
By Tom Corwin

Augusta might be close to naming city administrator

Augusta could be closer to having a permanent head of city government, with Mayor Deke Copenhaver calling a meeting to "discuss and approve" his recommendation.
By Susan McCord

GRU to vaccinate more with grant

GRU's residency program was one of 16 chosen to receive a $10,000 grant to help provide more flu and pneumococcal vaccines to the elderly.
By Tom Corwin

Defense contractor plans new Augusta office

A Pennsylvania-based information technology and software development firm will be setting up shop in Augusta.
By Tim Rausch

Think you're hot? Be a firefighter in summer

Sgt. David Williams speaks for many of the firefighters at Augusta Station No. 8 when he says summer is the hardest time of year.
By Doug Stutsman

Ex- Burke gun dealer pleads guilty

A former Burke County firearms dealer pleaded guilty Monday to illegally selling weapons to a convicted felon and to out-of-state residents.
By Sandy Hodson

Pardon Our Mess: Uprooted tree at Warren Road Community Center

An uprooted tree that fell during a February ice storm left a gaping hole near a heavily traveled walkway.
By Travis Highfield

The Way We Were: Allen Park

Many growing up in Augusta in the 1940s and 1950s remember summers at Allen Park, the city's recreational wonderland of water pools, baseball fields and tennis courts.

Augusta Christian delays college plan

A two-year college that Au­gusta Christian Schools planned to open this fall has been postponed for one year.
By Tracey McManus

Rants & Raves

It's bad enough my tax dollars pay for you to have your children, but then I have to help pay to feed and house them. I then have to pay to keep them in jail. Can you at least keep an eye on them so they can stay out of my way while I'm trying to work?

Karin Calloway: Sweet Chili Salmon with Creamy Sriracha Dressing

A large piece of fish, such as a side of salmon or bright pink steelhead trout, makes an impressive meal for guests. And the bonus – they couldn’t be simpler to prepare.
Bill Kirby

Skiing squirrel makes big splash

The Squirrel Huggers of America have apparently been alarmed at my column criticism of their beloved varmints over the years, and discourage my attendance at any venue featuring squirrels and weaponry.

Glynn Moore: For me, chemo treatment far from horror show

When you are about to undergo chemotherapy, you will hear stories about side effects. The worst for me was about a man who lost his nose hair, so when his nose ran there was nothing to stem the tide.
By Glynn Moore

Gogick: Getting the big picture is all about perspective

The reader's point of view is usually summoned to encourage someone else to take a non-official view on a story. It is a call for a different perspective. And perspective is what our photojournalists brings to the table every day.
By John Gogick

Notable area deaths of 2014

A review of some from our area who have passed away this year including Ralph Herndon (pictured here.)
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