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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Does technology help or hurt overseas study?

NEW YORK - A generation ago, students on semester abroad were incommunicado, aside from airmailed letters and one or two calls.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Moving? How to choose the right school

Janine Boldrin Gwinn has become an experienced house-hunter. Seven times, this Army wife has managed to move her family from one place in the U.S. to another, improving the process a little more ...
By Melissa Rayworth

Where Travel: Going beyond London

Located not far from the city, southern England is loaded with historic attractions to make any London trip complete.
By Emma Levine

Add DIY zing to notebooks

When it's time to start stocking the school backpack, it's easy to just grab a stack of plain, boring notebooks.
By Kim Cook

Professional organizers help kids

Success in school often depends on how well a student manages to organize everything. These days, a new breed of experts is stepping in to help.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Is It?

Did you recognize the 2015 Cadillac Escalade sport utility vehicle in last week's photo, and do you know the year, make and model of this week's vehicle?
By Glynn Moore

Symptoms of contagious virus show up on Knockout roses

Rose rosette virus has been described since the 1940s but it wasn't until 2011 that the causal agent was confirmed to be a virus spread by the "rose leaf curl" eriophyid mite.
By Sid Mullis

Augustan self-publishes fantasy tale

A.L. Patterson, who graduated from Georgia Regents University and lives in Augusta, has self-published "Ascension," a young adult novel.

Shopgirl: Hello, Newmie: Seinfeld emojis make their debut

New emojis let us revel in everything about the show about nothing.
By Gracie Shepherd

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kia, BMW recall vehicles

Kia has recalled its Soul and BMW its best-selling 3 Series to repair safety problems.

Calloway: Sweet Chili Salmon with Creamy Sriracha Dressing

A large piece of fish, such as a side of salmon or bright pink steelhead trout, makes an impressive meal for guests. And the bonus - it couldn't be simpler to prepare.
By Karin Calloway

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Readers enjoy Netflix-like access to thousands of titles

SPANISH FORK, Utah - Two startups are trying to do for e-books what Netflix does for movies. Oyster and Scribd let you read as many books as you want for a monthly price - $10 for Oyster and $9 ...
By Anick Jesdanun

Tips to make family outings with teens fun

NEW YORK - Family travel falls into three distinct phases. First, there's the exhausting period of travel with crying babies who need diapers, bottles, strollers, car seats and naps.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Builders add perks for dogs to new homes

LOS ANGELES - These homes are set apart by their amenities - for dogs. Standard Pacific Homes is believed to be the first to offer a pet suite as an option in its homes.
By Sue Manning

Slaying of actress led to tough stalker laws

LOS ANGELES - They've shown up in Selena Gomez's guest house, outside Halle Berry's kitchen door and inside Sandra Bullock's home, despite gates, tall fences and guards meant to keep the actresses ...
By Anthony McCartney

Studies assert secondhand smoke hurtful to dogs, cats

LOS ANGELES — Ten years ago, Shirley Worthington rushed Tigger to the vet when the dog’s mouth started bleeding. When she was told he had cancer, she knew to blame her heavy smoking.
By Sue Manning

Fat camps offer pets 'pawlates' to slim down

LOS ANGELES - It's not just a people problem: Growing rates of obesity in pets have led to the emergence of fat farms offering "pawlates," "doga" and "Barko Polo," to help slim down man's best friend.
By Sue Manning

Agility races encourage exercise, camaraderie with owners

LOS ANGELES - Linda Harper, of San Diego, and her Shih Tzu named Fame spend every weekend on the road competing in agility races, the fastest-growing dog sport in the United States.
By Sue Manning

Turn to these books to learn more about James Brown

Many words have been written about James Brown, including some by the Godfather of Soul himself. Here are a few picks by Don Rhodes, music columnist for The Augusta Chronicle.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Young church bonds as it continues to grow

Harvest Pointe Fellowship will turn a year old next month. The church is centered around the family unit and will celebrate its first anniversary with a special service reflecting on the year.
By Lisa Kaylor

What Is It?

Can you tell us the year and make of this vintage vehicle?
By Glynn Moore

Can you identify this old car?

This 1920 photo shows a reader's grandmother, but he doesn't know the kind of car she was driving. if you do, let us know.

Find property transfers online

You can now search the most recent information available to see what properties have sold in Augusta. In the database, you can search for property sales back to 2005.

Auto recalls

Ford, Jaguar Land Rover recall automobiles, and the federal government has a site for drivers to check whether their vehicles have been recalled.

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