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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shopgirl: Meerkat app lets you broadcast life to all

Meerkat is that latest app craze that we didn't know we needed, enabling any moment to be live-streamed to the entire world.
By Gracie Shepherd

In New Orleans, street music shines

Buskers take to the streets of the French Quarter with traditional rhythms, new sounds.
By Nora McGunnigle

'Music' man Plummer will leave footprint in Hollywood cement

LOS ANGELES — Christopher Plummer of The Sound of Music will receive a special honor for the 85-year-old Oscar winner: Adding his hand and footprints to the cement collection at Hollywood’s ...
By Sandy Cohen

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 fresh ideas for turning toast into something exciting

We're not entirely sure what the difference is between a classic, open-faced sandwich and the suddenly hip world of toast with toppings. Then again, maybe it doesn't much matter.
By Alison Ladman

What's for Supper? Quick Mediterranean Pasta

Pasta is a go-to for weeknight family meals and this week's Quick Mediterranean Pasta is packed with flavor, but comes together in about 30 minutes.
By Karin Calloway

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Libraries adjust to growing digital demand

Staying relevant in the age of tablet computers and e-books has come easy for Augusta-area library systems, officials said, but it's still very much a work in progress.
By Travis Highfield

Check roof for need of repair

A harsh winter has taken a toll on many roofs. Maybe there's a tell-tale leak, but sometimes problems are harder to spot. When the snow melts, it's a good time to take stock.
By Carole Feldman

St. Patrick's sacred mountain lures tourists

WESTPORT, Ireland — Shrouded in mist, the sacred mountain rises above the countryside. Here, on this rocky west coast promontory overlooking the Atlantic, St. Patrick is said to have fasted for 40 ...
By Helen O'Neill

Bartenders add flair to high-end mixology

Want that cocktail shaken, not stirred? How about centrifuged? These days, it's possible as high-tech tools shake things up behind the bar with a razzle-dazzle flair that could make even an old ...
By Michelle Locke

Cleaning curtains, blinds doesn't have to be a chore

If you're like some people (ahem) who put up window treatments and never give them a second thought, even as dust accumulates, this might just be the season to pay them a little respect.
By Lisa A. Flam

Book chronicles how homes have been preserved

NEW CANAAN, Conn. — In the years after World War II, when suburban towns were still “the country,” this unassuming village an hour north of Manhattan became an epicenter of modernist architecture.

Designers mix modern with dash of Marsala

Spring is a favorite transitional time for lovers of home decor. Shaking out the rugs and washing the windows after a long winter feels satisfying.
By Kim Cook

Hot colors for home can be pastel to noir

For 2015, the hot colors in home decor range from yummy ice cream pastels to a few deep, saturated hues. The pastels include blush, sky blue, vanilla, lilac and pale peach, hues traditionally ...
By Kim Cook

Friday, March 13, 2015

Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Feb. 23-March 2. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office.

Production company promotes interfaith understanding

In the darkened gymnasium at the Islamic Society of Augusta Community Center, a clip from the Fox television show "Bones" plays on a projector screen. It's used as a teaching tool by a production ...
By Lisa Kaylor

Area 'parachurch' serves young professionals

The altar at Sacred Heart Cultural Center glowed a hot pink Monday as the strains of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" echoed off the ornate, domed ceilings. Then Electric Cathedral began in earnest.
By Lisa Kaylor

In Christ we find strength to endure difficult times

Every one of us must undergo trouble sooner or later, and just as surely as we must endure trouble, we must also endure the well-meaning but misguided remarks of those attempting to comfort us.
By the Rev. Ed Rees

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mullis: Blooming white plum trees emerge in spring

Every spring I am asked what are all the white blooming trees we see everywhere along roadsides, along rights of way and in the woods.
By Sid Mullis

'Divergent' author working on new series

The Divergent author is set to write a new two-book series, HarperCollins Children's Books told The Associated Press on Monday. The books currently are untitled, with the first one expected in ...
By Hillel Italie

Patterson launches grant program for libraries

NEW YORK - Having handed out more than $1 million to help independent bookstores, James Patterson is now sharing his wealth with some other vital, but often struggling institutions: School libraries.
By Hillel Italie

What Is It?

Did you identify last week's Buick Riviera, and do you know the year and make of this week's red car?
By Glynn Moore

Find property transfers online

You can now search the most recent information available to see what properties have sold in Augusta. In the database, you can search for property sales back to 2005.

Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for March 20-26. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office.

Augusta has its share of celebs

Larry Mize is still the only native Augustan to win the Masters Tournament held in his own hometown. But he is far from being the only native Augustan or former resident to achieve worldwide fame.
By Don Rhodes
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