God uses ordinary people

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A common definition of the word is: “of no special quality; unexceptional.”

If we’re honest, we’ve all felt this way or still feel this way today.

We spend our lives trying to climb out of the “ordinary” pit that we find ourselves in, trying to prove ourselves; trying to become somebody and attaching ourselves to people and things that seem to give us a boost above “ordinary.”

But what if ordinary is actually extraordinary?

Let me explain.

Growing up in church I always heard stories of extraordinary people. A man named Moses splits the Red Sea and rescues a nation; a shepherd boy named David defeats a Philistine warrior named Goliath and in doing so rescues his country from destruction at the hands of a foreign army; a teenage girl named Mary carries the Son of God in her womb; a man named Peter walks on water (at least for a little while). The list of extraordinary people goes on and on.

But wait: I called them extraordinary. You and I feel ordinary, don’t we? But see, what makes them extraordinary is that they are ordinary people.

The extraordinary part is the God of the Universe, who chooses to love and use ordinary people for extraordinary purposes.

The first qualification to be used by God for extraordinary things in your life is to simply be ordinary. Of no special quality. Unexceptional. God takes what is ordinary and makes something extraordinary!

So we’re right where we need to be. May God take what is ordinary in us and make something extraordinary for His purposes.


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