Let God's attention drive you into life

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Ever get cut off in traffic? Yeah, me too.

How do you feel when that happens? If you’re like most people, you get angry. Some of us get very angry. Some of us yell. Others of us give certain hand gestures. All because we got cut off in traffic.

Have you ever thought about why getting cut off in traffic bothers us so much? Isn’t the anger just a symptom of something much deeper within us? Isn’t the thing that really bothers us the fact that someone didn’t see us, that they didn’t notice us? That we simply didn’t matter at all to the person cutting us off?

We spend our entire lives constantly trying to be seen and noticed by people. When it doesn’t happen, it causes a violent reaction.

We’re wired to be noticed. We’re made to be seen. And we spend our lives endlessly pursuing this end.

We’ll do anything to be noticed – focusing on our looks, our careers, our relationships and our performance, and even develop destructive habits and addictions; all of these things are simply things we pursue to be noticed, to be seen. But the problem is that these things never suffice. Never. They always leave us wanting.

Though we’re wired to be noticed, it’s not until we look to God that anything else in life makes any sense. It’s not until we lock eyes with Jesus, God’s Son, that we are truly seen and noticed. And then Jesus gives us a new perspective on life, where it’s simply not about us anymore, but about something bigger and greater.

Let God see you. Realize that He longs for you to know that He notices you. And let that change you.

Until then, I’ll see you out on the roads.


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