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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Nov. 13-19. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.

NOV. 13

Frances B. Anderson to Diane Lazar, Betty Nimmons and Alvin Anderson, 0.38 of an acre, Elderberry Drive, Pine Heights, Plat Book 21E Page 125 Deed o…

Crowell & Co. Inc. to Pillon Communities Inc., Section 3C, Lots 43 and 44, Block D, Granite Hill, $74,000

Jatin Patel to Jatin Patel and Sujata Patel, Tract B, Deed Book R810 Page 1969

NOV. 14

Janice B. Turner Living Trust dated May 2…, Thomas A. Turner III and Thomas A. Turner III Trustee to Darryl L. Walden and Nakia Walden, 3.66 acres, Deed Book B8 Page 190, $200,000

Darryl Leon Walden to Darryl L. Walden and Nakia Walden, Lot 7, Block I, Fleming Acres

Department of Veterans Affairs to Richard Percival, Section Three, 3718 Lynncrest Drive, Lot 19, Block D, Fairington

Nila P. Shellito to Megan E. Clark and Wyatt E. Mobley, Section IV, Lot 3, Block 25, National Hills, $130,000

Kenneth C. Ford and Stephanie D. Ford to Stone Financing LLC, Lot 110, Block E, Phase III, Aylesbury Commons, $126,000

Stone Financing LLC to Harry Noailles, Lot 110, Block E, Phase III, Aylesbury Commons, $126,000

Wilson Parker Homes of Orchards Inc. to Gloria J. Greer McKinstry, Section 1, 2406 Orchard Drive, Lot 3, Block A, Orchard, $165,000

Gloria J. Greer McKinstry to Andria S. Greer and Gloria J. Greer McKinstry, Section 1, 2406 Orchard Drive, Lot 3, Block A, Orchard

Charles Lott IRA, Equity Trust Co., Holly Lott IRA and Christopher Majors to Timmothy N. Smith, Unit 1, 3505 Jamaica Drive, Lot 3, Block B, Kingston, $146,500

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Rhonda L. Daigs, Section Three, 4519 Frank Warren Drive, Lot 16, Block C, Manchester, $187,900

David P. Lee to Kristle Jones, Lot 3, Mims Road, Deed Book R507 Page 1258, 2023 Mims Road, $90,000

Kroeg Mixson Investments LLC, Robert A. Lacher and Gerald Reynolds to Michael F. Ingham and Corrie E. Ingham, 0.15 of an acre, Parcel A, Deed Book R9 Page 96, 1505 Heath St., $174,300

Leland A. Unruh to Jonathan S. Drouin, Section 5, 4657 Crested Butte Road, Lot 46, Block E, Phase I, Breckenridge, $132,500

Michelle Hammond and Michelle M. Moss to Nadirah El Amin, 1001 Adrian St., Lot 123 and part of Lot 122, Summerville Terrace, $117,100

Nancy S. Sloop to Kroeg Mixson Investments LLC, Lot 6, Deed Book B3 Page 350, 2117 Richmond Ave., $20,000

Rush Enterprises LLC and Paul Rush to Christopher S. Williams, 2403 Erin Court, Lot 25, Wexford, $63,000

Department of Veterans Affairs to Byron Willingham, 3422 Thames Place, Lot 72, Block B, Cambridge

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Steven M. Bradley and Jennifer R. Bradley, 1003 Rosland Circle, Lot 10, Block B, Phase 2A, Haynes Station, $180,800

Sandra J. Plunkett to Morgan Grace Jr. LLC, Building 5, Unit F, 122 Brandywine Place, Phase I, Brandywine Condo, $46,000

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Argentina Antonio Gibson, 3012 Haynes Station Drive, Lot 6, Block B, Phase I, Haynes Station, $235,100

Lyall J. Greening and Lyall Juanita Freylick Greening to Nancy Leroux, Section II, 2504 Weldon Drive, Lot 18, Block L, Georgetown Estates, $59,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Samuel D. Hickson, Section Five, 2666 Ardwick Drive, Lot 35, Block D, Southampton, $150,900

Frank S. Rigsdell and Kathryn A. Rigsdell to Robert H. Merriman III and Sandra M. Millan Merriman, 3.32 acres, Deed Book R228 Page 2359, 2065 McDade Farm Road, $222,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Gerald F. Smith, 418 Shallowford Circle, Lot 19, Block C, Crofton

Paul David Walker to Quinn Rical Walker, Section II, Lot 4, Block C, Laurel Hills

Joel G. Franco to Conway James Rhinehart, 4.998 acres, Lot 8, Plat Book 38-K 607, $36,000

Bank of America NA to Charles William Culpepper, Lot 6, Deed Book R149 Page 2673, 2102 McDowell St., $157,400

CML GA WB LLC and Multibank 2009 1 CML ADC Venture to William Michael Guthrie, Unit 203, and Unit 203, Easement, Whites Building Condo, $137,500

Huery Bentley III to Eddie Mae Glover, Section One A, Lot 3, Block B, Breckenridge, $138,900

Katherine G.B. Woodburn to Joseph Mobley DeLoach and Margaret Irene DeLoach, Lot, on the south side of Kings Way, 2224 Kings Way, $210,000

DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Exception, Lot 5, Block B, Joseph R. Andress

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Charles Horne, 4007 Nuite Drive, Lot 16, Block C, Clarke Estates

Klark Klosson to Klark Klosson and Christina Anne Klosson, Section II, Lot 1, Block D, Covington

Wayne Alvin Gooden to John L. Batchelor and Pauline Batchelor, 1226 Alden Drive, Lot 63, Phase II, Lewis Acres, $17,300

Mary Jane Magtaan Mina, Maryjane Magtaan Mina and Ruel T. Pacba to Delia Collins and Verlin Levi Collins Jr., Section Five, Lot 44, Block E, Granite Hill, $212,500

NOV. 15

Erich Damm to Margaretha Damm, One-half interest in Lot 6, Block A, Brookfield West

Rebecca H. Delamotte and Roy C. Delamotte to Benjamin C. Dahl, Section One, 3325 Tanglewood Drive, Lot 18, Block C, Tanglewood, $87,000

First Bank of Georgia to Ae Hee Kim Klein, Lot 77, Hudson Trace, $72,000

Balvant Mistry to JD Investors LLC, 3620 Meadowood Drive, Lot 12, Meadowood, $33,500

Paula D. Benjamin to Augusta Richmond County, Augusta City, Augusta Georgia and Richmond County, Section 2, 2032 Golden Rod St., Lot 5, Block H, Hyde Park

Steve M. Sherrer to Dew Land Development Co. Inc., Lot 4, Block D, Pine Heights Western, $23,000

C.R. Dedrickson and Susan C. Dedrickson to Marcel Christof Wilkins, Section III, Lot 21, Summerchase, $150,000

T. Jeffers to Kelly O’Donnell, One-half interest in 10.61 acres, Tract 1, Deed Book R286 Page 262, Exception

NOV. 18

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abdou Gueye, Lot 1, Block D, Southwick

Department of Housing and Urban Development to SAKSHI9 LLC, Section One, Lot 6, Block A, Windsor Lake

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Christine Davis, Lot 49, Kissingbower Landing

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Candida R. Ernst, Section 4, 3935 Union Grove Circle, Lot 13, Block D, Phase I, Hollow Keg

Dorothy Watkins Salonick to James E. Hadden, Section 1, Lot 1, Block Q, Brynwood, $100,000

Rodney T. House to Rodney T. House, Delores House and Herbert E. House, Section 1B, Lot 26, Block Z, Gordon Woods

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section I, Exception, Lot 44, Block D, Goshen Manor

Marie E. Kellos to Lena V. Martin Living Trust dated Se…, Lena V. Martin Trustee and Lena. V. Martin Trust, Section II, Lot 3, Block C, Surrey, $25,100

Billy Wayne Newton and Michelle A. Newton to Jonathan A. Annis, Section Three, Lot 6, Block N, Brookfield West, $153,900

Department of Veterans Affairs to Sun T. Combs, Section One, 2990 Clarkston Road, Lot 10, Block C, Granite Hill

Virginia Mae Herrod to Lee Herrod and Lynda Anguilla, Executor’s Deed, 413 Sheffield Circle, Lot 7, Block B, Sheffield Place

Jerry Ralph Thompson to Takemi Y. Thompson, Section I, 2606 Crosscreek Road, Lot 5, Block F, Woodlake

Ruth E. Young to Frederick L. Young Jr., Deed of Assent, Lot 17 and part of Area A, Lot 18, Block B, Richmond Hills

Howard E. Jones to Howard E. Jones Living Trust October, Howard E. Jones Trust and Patricia S. Jones Trustee, Deed of Assent, 1924 Pine Haven Road, Lot 26, Block F, Silvercrest

Joseph I. Converse Jr. and Sue F. Converse to Lucas M. O’Meara and Melanie K. O’Meara, Section II, Lot 5, Block J, Greenbrier, $165,000

Brenda T. Odum and William H. Odum to Thomas J. Carstarphen, 2950 Arrowhead Drive, Lot B, Block II, Watermill, $40,000

Thomas E. Bradford to Leroy Dunn, Section II, 3412 Forest Estates Drive, Lot 8, Block H, Forest Estates West, $70,000

Charles A. Lynn to Charlene L. Durrence, 1936 Elizabeth Drive, Lot 47, Block E, Silver Crest, $66,000

R. Smith and Rebecca E. Smith to Anh H. Vu, Unit 104, Easement, Schoolhouse Condo, $175,000

NOV. 19

John S. McElmurray to Mary P. McElmurray, Executrix’s Quit Claim Deed recorded at Deed Book B1417 Page 808, 535 acres, Parcel One, on the west side of Old Waynesbo...

JR Homes of Alabama LLC to Warren L. Johnson and Cetasheus A. Norman, Section I, Lot 1, Block G, Belair Hills Estates, $235,500

Harry Conn Jr., Harry M. Conn, Harry Morgan Conn and Harry Morgan Conn Jr. to Virginia C. Corradino, Rose C. Hollingsworth and Rose C. Bass, 0.44 of an acre, Tract A, Deed Book R548 Page 2108, 1250 Marks Church Road, Deed of Assent

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