Property Transfers

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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Aug. 15-19. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.

AUG. 15

D.B. Kitchens and David Brooks Kitchens to Marie Wilkie, Deed of Assent, Lot 11, Block C, Tuxedo Park

Brent Willhaven LLC to Pillon Communities Inc., Section 4, Lot 223, Phase III, Willhaven, $33,000

Roger D. Wheelis to Robert E. Steppe and Teresa L. Steppe, Lot 25, Block A, Hancock Mill, $86,900

Claudia B. Houston, Claudia Watkins Pagan and Claudia Watkins to Deborah M. Davis, Section Five, Lot 354, Village Estates, $44,900

John Ayoub and Parallax Holdings LLC to Arbor Ridge Properties LLC, Section I, Easements, 809 Mitchell St., Lot 48, Block B, West Hills, $58,000

Kenneth A. Sharp and Kenneth Allen Sharp to Hui H. Shin, Lot, Deed Book R538 Page 2045, $185,000

Susan B. Bargeron and Watson L. Bargeron Jr. to Lisa A. Ruggiero Wagner and Anthony E. Wagner, Section III, Lot 26, Block A, Conifer Place, $652,500

Anthony Collins to Kimberly Blackwell, Lot 12, Block D, Norton Acres, $59,900

BLLJ Properties LLC to Properties by Foster Inc., 0.992 of an acre, on the northeast corner of Augusta West Parkway and Wrightsboro Road, Deed Book R392 Page 515, Exc..., $625,000

Rebecca Ann Kirk to Linda Eidson and Kathleen Allgood, 2340 Woodbine Road, Lots 10 and 11, Block F, Lakemont, $75,000

Ernestine S. Price to Conrex Residential Property Group 2, 1938 Harrison Road, Lot 11, Murphey Estates, $40,000

Isabelle C. Davis to Jon L. Sullivan, Section 4, Lot 11, Block D, Hollow Keg

Augusta Georgia Land Bank Authority to Sadie Thompkins, Lot 10, on the west side of 11th Street, Deed Book B7 Page 143, 1231 11th St.

Maria D. Arocho to Maria C. Crawford, Luz N. Andert, Maria V. Pape, Luzn Andert, Elba I. Almodovar, Maria C. Robinson, Maria C. Jefferson and Luis R. Arocho, Section IV-B, Lot 35, Block Y, Woodlake

Fred Boeck to Richard Compton, 1429 Hickman Road, Lot 2, Block A, Hickman Hills, $86,000

AUG. 16

Charles Fisher Morgan, Herbert Morgan and Tangy Cathleen Morgan to Mike Zapata, Section I, 403 Aumond Road, Lot 38, Block F, Greenbrier, $15,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Ming Zhang and Lianzhi Wu, Section II, 3903 Creekwood Lane, Lot 20, Block U, Clairmont

Front Line Homes Inc. to Garry G. Reese, Warranty Deed recorded at Deed Book R602 Page 714, Corrective Warranty Deed, 2613 Spirit Creek Road, Lot 15, Block D, Phase I, Walton Hills

Jane H. Merritt and Robert D. Merritt Sr. to Robert D. Merritt Sr., Part of Lot 4, on the east side of Haynie Avenue, Plat Book 11G Page 227; and Part of Lot 4, on the east side of Haynie Drive, Plat Book …

Bobby Merritt, Jane H. Merritt and Robert D. Merritt Sr. to Robert D. Merritt Sr., Executor’s Deed, Lot 9, Block R, Thomas Woods

Jane H. Merritt and Robert D. Merritt Sr. to Robert D. Merritt Sr., Section A, No. 20, Dogwood Estates

Darren Greenwood to National Residential Nominee Servic..., Lot 9, Block B, Elderberry, $123,500

Citimortgage Inc. to U.S. Veterans Affairs, Section I, Lot 13, Block C, Orchard

James A. Ard to Ashley Neve and Jacob Benjamin Neve, Lot 2, Block E, Windsor Forest, $143,000

Burton L. Reed, Pandora L. Reed and Audrey L. Stacy to Gayle W. McGee and Wilmer D. McGee Jr., Lot 1, Block A, Hillcreek, $176,900

Louise J. Page to Golphin Page Sr., Part of Lot 2, on the northeast corner of Forsythe Street and Laney-Walker Boulevard, Deed Book R178 Page 1288; and Part of Lot 56, Block 2, Walker Villa; Section II, 113 E. Hale St., Lot 25, Block A, Sunlight Park; Section II, 114 E. Taylor St., Lot 7, Block A, Sunlight Park; Exception, Lot 57, Walker Villa; and Section 1, 109 E. Hale St., Lot 27, Block A, Sunlight Park

Nellie Mae Wheeler to James R. Wheeler and James R. Wheeler Jr., 4.71 acres, Part of Tract 7, on the northeast corner of Stevens Creek, Plat Book 19S Page 304, Exception, Deed of …

Martha Stafford Henderson and Frank Alvis Stafford to Kenneth J. Brinsko, Lot 6, on the west side of Heard Avenue, Plat Book 8J Page 273, 1231 Heard Ave., $91,000

AUG. 19

Alice Mae Johnson to Barbara Bolden, Section 1B, Lot 10, Block D, McDuffie Woods

Alice Mae Johnson to Barbara Bolden, Administratrix Deed, Lot 14, Block B, Rockbury

Barbara Y. Hundley to William Andrew Hundley III, 1.08 acres, on the south side of Georgia Highway 88, Deed Book R69 Page 1924; and 5.43 acres, Deed Book R331 Page 465

William Andrew Hundley III to Barbara Y. Hundley, 54 acres, on the south side of Georgia Highway 88, Exception

Johnny M. Beam and Patricia M. Beam to Timothy P. Kim, Lot 1, Lillian Place, $113,500

Keith C. Lemon II and Stephanie A. Lemon to John William Glenn, 9.6 acres, Deed Book B4 Page 309, $60,000

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kikelomo Daranijoh, Section Nine A, Lot 17, Block K, Fairington

Southern Meadows Development LLC to Dana R. Jones, Easement, Lot 4, Cushendal

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sakshi9 LLC, Section II-A, Lot 44, Block A, Twin Oaks

Mary Taylor Christian to Forza Property Group LLC, Unit 2648B, 2648 Berkshire Road, Towne Club Condo, $55,000

Richmond Factory Pond Inc. to Laurie H. McRae, Lot 3, Block 32, Monte Sano, $75,000

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vivian T. Pindell, Lot 10, Deed Book R63 Page 2482

Patricia A. Hardiman and Patricia Ann Flanagan Hardiman to Laura L. Holland, Section I-A, Lot 23, Block H, Twin Oaks, $70,500

D. Frank Mullins to Andrew C. Forgay, Easements, Lot B, Phase I, Prather Woods, $155,000

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