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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for June 25-July 1. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.


Francine J. Carpenter and Francine J. McNeil to JR Home of Alabama LLC, Section I, Lot 4, Block A, Belair Hills Estates, $20,200


A. Marshall, Aksana Marshall and Walter E. Marshall to Allison R. Clark, Lot 4, Block I, on the south side of Norman Street, Plat Book 24R Page 84, 2224 Norman St., $64,500

Amy Ehlert Trevino and Mark J. Trevino to Mark T. Stephens, Section III-B, Lot 52, Block J, Brynwood, $187,000

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sharon Vandiver Raborn and James Kenneth Raborn Sr., Section Two, 5039 Wheeler Lake Road, Lot 3, Block G, Phase One, Wheeler Lake

Stephen H. Steinberg and William E. Walker III to Stephen Dekle, 3053 Brookhaven Way, Lot 27, Westside Commons, $42,000

Melissa Ann Newsome to Louis Champion Newsome, Lot 2, Block B, Martin Estates

John L. Creson to John L. Creson Jr., Section 1, 4264 Parkwood Drive, Lot 7, Block F, Woodvalley Estates

John L. Creson Jr. to SAKSHI9 LLC, Section 1, Lot 7, Block F, Woodvalley Estates, $18,000

Roger Stephen Starrette to Yancey Bros. Co., 0.4 of an acre, Deed Book B9 Page 93, 2941 Gun Club Road, $52,500

Sara A. Washington and Sarah Avery Washington to Kanika N. Stanford, Lots 28 and 29, Block 2, on the east side of Highland Avenue, Plat Book 10X Page 167, 546 Highland Ave. E...

Kanika N. Stanford to Sarah Avery Washington Holdings LLC, Lots 28 and 29, Block 2, on the east side of Highland Avenue, Plat Book 10X Page 167, 546 Highland Ave. E...

Shelia Maureen Capece to Karen Maria Capece Munitz, Section 3B, Lot 40, Block A, Young Forest

Carlton Morris to Sonya Clay, Barbara M. Budnick and Carlyn Morris, Administrator’s Deed, Lot 25, Sunset Park

Ella W. Butts to Jennifer K. Gray, 2623 Hazel St., Lots 84 and 85 and part of Lot 83, North Highlands, $62,500


FNF Servicing Inc. and Loancare to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section II, 3620 Larkspur Drive, Lot 19, Block F, Rolling Meadows

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Donald Ross, Section VII, 1801 Owen Way, Lot 32, Block J, Walton Hills

James E. Allen Jr. to Johnnie N. Allen, Lot, on the west side of Wheeless Road, 2301 Wheeless Road, Assent to Devise

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Greene Lamm LLC, 2414 Sparks Road, Lot 22, Block O, Thomas Woods

Bank of America National Association Tru…, Lasalle Bank National Association Truste…, US Bank National Association Trustee, Wells Fargo Home Equity Trust Mortgage P… and Wells Fargo Home Equity Trust Mortgage S… to C. Murray Williams and Carroll Murray Williams, Lot 5, Block B, Southside Square, $30,000

D. Majors Hamby and Sylvia S. Hamby to David C. Gipson and Frances M. Gipson, Section III, 3324 Thread Needle Road W., Lot 6, Block B, Montclair, $126,000

Larry A. Newman to Larry Carlton Newman, 1.18 acres, Railroad Street, Deed Book B1 Page 1300

Joseph Sherrod to Cynthia D. Ruffin and Joseph Sherrod, 4 acres, Tracts A2 and B2, on the southwest side of Horseshoe Road/Horseshoe Circle/R…

Southern Meadows Development LLC and R.E. Watkins III to Katherine A. Turner, Easement, Lot 5, Cushendal, $85,400

Sharon S. Lee to Lauren T. Sigmon and Stephen Sigmon, Section II, Lot 12, Block B, Kamell West, $320,000

Eugene O’Connor Cashin to Marcia Adams Cashin, Section 5, Parts of Lots 143 and 144, Westover Memorial Park

Lauren T. Sigmon and Stephen T. Sigmon to Marshall D. McKnight, Section Two B, Lot 4, Block E, Westwick, $214,000

R. Lionel Prather and Walker Hill LLC to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, Section I, Lot 89, Block A, McCoys Creek

JR Homes of Alabama LLC to Lillie S. Ware and Clarence E. Ware, Section I, Lot 89, Block A, McCoys Creek, $244,700


Margie H. Candler to Margie Holloway CandlerTrust, Margie Holloway CandlerTrustee and Margie Holloway Candler Revocable L…, 930 Bluebird Road, Lot 15, Block D, Bedford Heights

Margie H. Candler to Margie H. Candler and Mary Candler Powell, Section D, 930 Bluebird Road, Lot 15, Bedford Heights

W.E. Stuckey Sr. to T. Merritt Tuckey, W.E. Stuckey Sr. and Walter E. Stuckey Jr., Lots 9 and 10, on the southeast corner of Gordon Highway and Doris Road, Plat Book 18O Page 261; and Lot 11…

Eloise Bennett and Eloise Atkins Bennett to Steed Aycock, Section I-B, Lot 6, Block A, Butler Manor, $30,000

Christopher L. Brown and Priscilla A. Brown to Federal National Mortgage Associati…, Section I-B, 2626 Portsmouth Place, Lot 9, Block F, Quail Ridge

Leland A. Unruh to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Tw…, Section Four, Lot 36, Block B, Cambridge, $134,000

Southern Meadows Development LLC to Dana R. Jones, Easement, Lot 4, Cushendal

Clarence W. Mobley III to Callie Hundley Mobley, Lot 19, Plat Book 15F Page 565, Executor’s Deed of Assent


Dao H. Huynh and Anh Thu Tran to John E. Henderson Jr., Section One, 3702 Rio Ridge Drive, Lot 21, Block B, Raintree, $80,000

Aurora E. Ubaldo and Renato P. Ubaldo to Gwendolyn N. Deschamps and Trelvis P. Deschamps, Section VIII, 3923 Fairington Drive, Lot 3, Block M, Fairington, $63,000

Bradford A. Snead to Cheryl Dean, 2244 Woodbluff Way, Lot 43, Block C, Phase II, Woodbluff, $169,000

Mary Bryan Hayes to Nathan D. Cockram, Section II, Lot 6, Block 11, National Hills, $117,000

Karen Mays to Thomas Smith and Joyce McLendon, Lot 17, Block A, Deer Trail Estates, $27,100

John C. Weaver Homebuilders Inc. to Claudius Blanding Jr., 0.96 of an acre, Lot 7, Deed Book B9 Page 24, $273,500

Misty M. Anglin, Misty M. Kincaid and Nathan W. Kincaid to Stacie B. Studstill, Section Three, Lot 28, Block A, National Hills West, $116,500

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Conrex Residential Property Group L…, Lot 1, Plat Book 26G Page 618, 3411 Mura Drive

Valerie R. Maben Jackson to Yurintzi Acevedorecendiz, Lot, on the south side of Greene Street, 208 Greene St., $13,000

Mary Robyn Howell to Robert Howell, Lot 15, Block A, Timberridge

Grace Ilene B. Chafin to Marion R. Chafin, Lot 3, on the north side of Williams Street, Plat Book 14K Page 284, 2339 Williams St., Executor’s D...

Marion R. Chafin to Grace Lynn Freville, Lot 3, on the north side of Williams Street, Plat Book 14K Page 284, 2339 Williams St., Executor’s D...

William O. Key and William O. Key Sr. to William O. Key Jr., Section 1A, 3617 Meadow Grove Drive, Lot 9, Block A, Meadow Grove; 2303 Poteet St., Lot 35, Block Q, Fleming Heights Re-Sub; 2903 Oklahoma Ave., Lot 7, Block B, Oklahoma Hills; 2424 Lennox Road, Lot 5, Block B, Lennox Park; Section 1, 3036 Dennis Road, Lot 6, Block E, West Hills; and Section V, 1028 Brookwood Drive, Lot 19, Block 7, National Hills

Whildon L. Moyer to Boris J. Sidow, Lot 40, Eagle Pointe, $200,000

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