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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Nov. 30-Dec. 3. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.

NOV. 30

Coel Development Co. Inc. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., Section Three, Lot 19, Block C, Southampton, $25,000

James Donald Murphy to Richard B. Lord, 4.75 acres, on the south side of Mock Road, Plat Book 38F Page 855, 2918 Mock Road, Administratrix Deed, $50,000

Joan Jones Murphy to Richard B. Lord, 4.75 acres, on the south side of Mock Road, Plat Book 38F Page 855, 2918 Mock Road, Administratrix Deed

Lendmark Financial Services Inc. to Alphonza Wolfe, Lot 15, Block D, Phase III, Walton Acres, $147,500

Eris Allen and Eris Congo to Carlton Jeburk, Section One-A, 3628 Munich Drive, Lot 6, Block X, Gordon Woods, $33,100

Katie R. Florence and Lister B. Florence to Warren Addison Sr., 1203 Candlewood Court, Lot 9, Block A, Phase I, Walton Acres, $153,800

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Joseph Richard Fleschner, Joseph R. Fleschner and Talya M. Fleschner, 2030 Hatton Court, Lot 67, Block B, Phase I, Haynes Station, $171,400

Halken Investment Properties of Evans LL to James Waltower, Section 2D, 1313 Bimini Place, Lot 3, Block M, Kingston, $124,900

Edith M. Swab, Edith M. Wildy and John Wildy to John P. Cooper, Section Two, 2431 Castlewood Drive, Lot 11, Block B, Forest Park North, $65,000

Bank of New York Mellon Trustee, Bank of New York Trustee and CWABS Inc. Asset Backed Certificates Seri… to Eddie J. Taylor, Lot 23, Block D, Phase III, Walton Acres, $64,000

John Weldon Kitchens Sr. to Maquita Joyce Kitchens, Deed Book B1357 Page 150, 5.01 acres, on the east side of Tracy Drive, Executor’s Deed

Bank of America NA to Federal National Mortgage Associati..., Section III, Exception, Lot 26, Block A, Tanglewood

David Plowden to Grady Jenkins Properties LLC, 0.68 of an acre, Lot 46, Deed Book R475 Page 1682, 4638 Rollins Road, $13,500

DEC. 3

Bonnie B. Thurmond to Bonnie B. Thurmond Trust, Michell Thurmond Trustee and Bonnie B. Thurmond Irrevocable Gift, 2 Indian Creek Road, Lot 1, Block B, Rockbrook

Robert L. Ferguson to Adam Thomas McLean Wyatt, Lot 24, Block A, Fruitland Estates, $72,000

Carrington Home Equity Loan Trust Series and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee to Trevis Johnson, Section Four, 3329 Thames Place, Lot 43, Block E, Cambridge, $95,000

Almetia E. Palmer and Almetia E. Taylor to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. NA and Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loa…, Original Security Deed recorded at Deed Book B763 Page 1393, Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, 1105 Ninth Ave., Lot 17, Block 9, Turpin Hill

Grant E. Olson Sr. and Peggy C. Olson to Carey Sean Simpson, 2221 Cadden Road, Lot 19, Block 3, Burch Grant, $116,900

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Donald R. Morant, Lot 8, Block 16, Plat Book 5S Page 394, 2213 Central Ave., $52,000

Dennis D. Murray and Dennis Dean Murray to Avid Property Management LLC, Executor’s Deed, 2481 Coleman Ave., Lot 8, Block A, Southlands, $21,000

Patricia Meador, Patricia R. Meador and Judy C. Wilson to Avid Property Management LLC, 2481 Coleman Ave., Lot 8, Block A, Southlands

Richard E. Donnell and Richard Eugene Donnell to Energy Way Corp., Section V, 2846 Glenn Hills Circle, Lot 23, Block C, Glenn Hills, $35,000

Dunnington Development LLC to Richard A. MacLeod, Easement, Lot 8D, Phase 1B, Dunnington, $124,900

Nichole Schulte McFarland and Nichole M. Schulte to Edwin W. Justice IRA and Equity Trust Co. Custodian, Section One, Lot 2, Block B, Phase Two, Wheeler Lake, $74,500

Kenneth D. Hannawalt to Perry H. Ritch III, Lot 21, Block B, Forest Acres First Addition, $25,000

USA Investment Properties LLC to Celso Esparza, Section II, Lot 15, Block F, Rolling Meadows, $32,200

USA Investment Properties LLC to Celso Esparza, Lot 8, Block L, Apple Valley, $26,500

Meredith Homes Inc. to Jonathan Cheukfung Lee, Lot 17, Magnolia Ridge, $149,900

Meredith Homes Inc. to Sarah Mowry and Paul B. Poommipanit, Lot 16, Magnolia Ridge, $140,400

Bank of America NA to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 3137 Floyd Circle, Lot 4, Floyd Heights

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Gary L. Cooper and Raylene K. Cooper, Section II, 1717 Greenway Drive, Lot 9, Block B, Forest Estates, $63,500

TBW Mortgage Backed Pass Through Certifi… and US Bank National Association Trustee to Collin K. Brown, Lot, on the north side of Broad Street, 225 Broad St., $18,000

James Douglas McMonigle to Philip A. Rose and Cindy S. Rose, 1.09 acres, Tract G5, on the west side of Louisa Road, Deed Book B5 Page 190, 2166 Louisa Road, $13,800

SunTrust Bank to Eddie Taylor, Section 3, 2611 Anacua Way, Lot 6, Block I, Pepperidge Pointe, $55,500

Benjamin Tillman Wood to Zoe Wilson Wood, Executrix’s Deed, Part of Lot 21, Block A, Martin Estates

Zoe Wilson Wood to William E. Coxwell, Lot 20 and Part of Lot 21, Block A, Martin Estates, $109,000

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