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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Nov. 9-11. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.

John S. Bailey to Bruce P. Smith, S&S Properties and Walter E. Smith, Lot 1, Tract 4, Hollywood

LaFayette Anderson Jr. to Barbara A. Bruce, Shirley Padgett and Geraldine Hughes, Deed of Assent, Lot 11, Block C, Wilkinson Gardens

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jorge Ponce Martinez, 3662 Milledgeville Road, Lot 1, Hilltop Annex

Isaac West Jr. and Millicent E. West to Sheronda P. Glover, Section 10A, Lot 12, Block 15, Pepperidge, $127,500

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee and Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust Series 2 to Kevin A. Kelly, Section 1, Lot 43, Block C, Woodlake, $22,500

Jackquett Wideman Wallace to Jacqueline S. Wideman Thompkins and Jacquelin S. Wideman, Lot 7, Block H, Albion Acres

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Associati…, Part 1, 1659 Kentucky Ave., Lot 16, Fairmont

US Bank NA to James E. Warren, 3.93 acres, Tract A, on the north side of Alden Drive, Plat Book R520 Page 52, $20,100

Wells Fargo Bank NA to KHK Augusta LLC, Lot, on the north side of Greene Street, 1225 Greene St., $35,000

KHK Augusta LLC to Rice House LLC, Lot, on the north side of Greene Street, 1225 Greene St., $35,000

Ashbrooke LLC to Melissa W. Felder, Lot 50, Block A, Riverstone, $197,500

Gerald L. Miller to Ada B. Miller, Deed of Assent, 2401 Wheeless Road, Lot 15, Block D, Brookwood

Coel Development Co. Inc. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., Section Three, 4509 Frank Warren Drive, Lot 20, Block C, Manchester, $30,000

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Lawanda R. Moody, Section V, 2411 Par Drive, Lot 18, Block D, Green Meadows Estates, $84,900

Emily M. Young Living Trust dated 11/14/2, Emily M. Young Trust and Emily M. Young Trustee to Pauline H. Lankford, 0.96 of an acre, Tract A, Plat Book B1 Page 997, 1045 County Line Road, $116,000

First Bank Mortgage and First Bank of Georgia to Paul D. Shockey, 3912 Lakeside Pass, Lot 6, Lakes at Spirit Creek, $170,000

Kahlil A. Hicks to Charles B. Stoyle, Easement, 1401B Anthony Road, Lot 1401B, Anthony Place Townhouses, $62,500

Dallas Blume to Daniel S. Brown and Eric M. Redlund, 3009 Camp Josey Road, Lot 5, Phase Three, Shadow Lake, $28,000

Frank J. Christian to Thomas D. Randall Jr., Lot 35, Block E, Lakemont Heights, $76,300

Leland A. Unruh to Charles S. Carodine and Robin E. Carodine, Section II-C, 3479 Monte Carlo Drive, Lot 19, Block A, Pepperidge, $59,500

Nancy L. Lamb to Shannon L. Powell, Easement, 320 Caldwell Circle, Lot 20, Block C, Phase II, Whitney Place, $88,000

Primrose Fisher to George L. Fisher III and Primrose G. Fisher, 3624 Mount View Drive, Lot 41, Tullocks Hill

Joseph O’Hara and Megan O’Hara to Joseph O’Hara and Megan O’Hara, 3014 Sussex Road, Lot 1, Block A, Sheffield Place

Jasmine Hall to W. Melissa Oden and James Oden Sr., Section II, 4327 Regans Lane, Lot 33, Block C, Phase 1, Elderberry, $144,500

Bone Realty LLC, Edward M. Crosland and J. Allen Goodrich to James L. Becton, 0.16 of an acre, Parcel A, Plat Book B7 Page 182, 1522 Johns Road

James Chen and Hiport Regency LLC to Young America Property LLC, 9.88 acres, on the north side of Thomas Lane, $550,000

Linda B. Rader to Cheryl D. Fischer, 2619 Woodbluff Circle, Lot 10, Block A, Woodbluff, $165,000

Reliant Financial Inc. to Charles D. Drake and Carolyn V. Drake, 2421 Persimmon Road, Lot 21, Block E, Fruitland Estates, $78,100

Jennifer L. Bailey and Jennifer B. Williams to Christopher Anderson Huskey, 1751 Pinetree Road, Lot 23, Block F, King Woods, $94,000

Tyson Schuetze and Wellington Park LLC to Josh Rogers, Part of Lot 9, Block 58, Plat Book 36T Page 832, 1927 Wrightsboro Road, $39,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Robert L. Thomas, 2412 Bass Ave., Lot 19, Block A, Lakeside

Raven Home Builders LLC to Deundre R. Aron and Nora A. Aron, 4003 Edenfield Court, Lot 45, Lakes at Spirit Creek, $219,000

Augusta Land Investments LLC to Wilson Parker Homes of Elderberry I, Lot 30, Block I; and Section 4, Lots 52 and 61, Block E and Lots 6, 15 and 17, Block K, Elderberry, $250,400

Wilson Parker Homes of Elderberry Inc. and John Zunker to Tiffany Nicole Twillie, Section 4, 5318 Bull St., Lot 54, Block E, Elderberry, $248,500

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to David F. Turner, 1423 Augusta Ave., Lot 3, Phase 1, Woodson Lane

Wilson Parker Homes of Elderberry Inc. and John Zunker to Madison H. Anderson and Gary D. Anderson II, Section 3, 4760 Billie J Drive, Lot 94, Block B, Elderberry, $190,000

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Associati…, Section 8, 1508 Jonathan Place, Lot 25, Block L, Phase I, Walton Hills

Wells Fargo Bank NA to US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Foreclosure recorded at Plat Book B1321 Page 1684, Lot, on the southwest side of Tudor Drive, Plat Book R60 Page 2650

Debbie J. Futch and Debbie Jenkins Queen to Artie Ray Queen and Debbie Jenkins Queen, Lot 7, Village at Goodale

George J. Alexander to Na Tisha P. Romero, Lot 58, Block B, Phase IIC, Walton Hills, $118,900

Daniel E. George to Ashley H. Whitaker and Christopher J. Whitaker, Section II A I, Lot 20, Block D, Goshen Plantation, $83,900

Wells Fargo Bank NA to US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section 11B, 3520 Shadybrook Drive, Lot 9, Block B, Pepperidge

John Wayne Lanning to Noemi Lanning, Assent to Devise, Lot 8, Block B, Bel Ridge

US Department of Veterans Affairs to Sandy Terronez and Manuel Terronez, Section 3F, 4118 Wandering Way, Lot 42, Block H, Woodvalley Estates

Musgro Brinson to Moses Brinson, 2 acres, Lot 4, Plat Book R371 Page 325

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