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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Oct. 21-26. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office:

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Bonnie L. Altman and Brian G. Altman, 1734 Oak Drive, Lots 10, 11 and 12, Block F, King Woods, $102,000

US Department of Housing and Urban Development to Pye Investments LLC, Lot B, on the north side of Battle Row, Plat Book 22M Page 269, 2071 Battle Row

Jane F. Eve to Hyden A. Eve, Executor’s Deed, Lot 55, Richmond Gardens

RTG Investments LLC to First Class Properties LLC and Empire Properties LLC, Lot 8 and part of Lot 7, Block C, Miles; and Lot 15, Block D, Albion Acres, $28,000

Emily T. Fincher to Jonathan David Welch, Lots 8, 9, 10 and 40, Ft Strip, on the north side of Murrow Street, Plat Book R61 Page 1974, $30,000

Nellie R. Penley and Thomas W. Penley to Cecil Laster and Cecil T. Laster, Plat Book B1287 Page 607, 0.453 of an acre, Plat Book R422 Page 433, 1710 Powell Road; and 1.32 acres,, Tract 1, on the east side …

William Joseph Lotz Jr. to Augusta Capital Group LLC, 2006 Starnes St., part of Lot 23, Block C, Heckle Place, $26,000

Rascal Enterprises Inc. to Jerome Thompson and Brooke Thompson, Section I, Lot 4, Block A, Kristin Landing, $16,500

Clayton P. Boardman Jr. to Clayton P. Boardman III Trustee and Braye C. Boardman Trustee, Lot, on the north side of Gwinnett Street Extension, Executor’s Deed of Assent

Deborah Cole Hardin to Randall Hardin, Brian Hardin and Byrnie Limuel Hardin Jr., Estate Deed, Lot 23, Block 2, Burch Grant

US Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yvette Foster, Section 2B, 2706 Cranbrook Drive, Lot 3, Block L, Phase III, Woodlake

US Department of Housing and Urban Development to Rex E. Wright and Yolanda Wright, Section V, 2824 Glenn Hills Circle, Lot 12, Block C, Glenn Hills

US Department of Housing and Urban Development to Primrose Fisher, 2939 Hummingbird Lane, Lot 42, Block B, Richmond Hills

US Department of Housing and Urban Development to Wayne Works LLC, 3640 Pamplona Drive, Lot 40, Block C, Spanish Trace

Emilie Kubicar to Mercy Lineberry, Lot 28, Block A, Phase 2, Charlestowne, $85,000

Marion S. Arrington and Marion S. Arrington Properties LLC to Phillip Lee Stewart, 1.05 acres, Plat Book R295 Page 1043, $23,000

Lillian R. Bohler to Ali M. Oliviere, Lots 68, 69, 70 and 71, Block A, on the north side of Olive Road, Plat Book B10 Page 373, Executor’s Deed, $53,800

Berry M. Arrington and Melvie M. Arrington to Jeff Broadwater, 0.15 of an acre, Parcel A, Plat Book R638 Page 2013, 2021 Liberty Church Road, $3,300

Windom Josey to Ofelia Gazca and Joel Gazca, Part of Lot A, on the west side of Haynie Drive, Plat Book 10X Page 364, 1935 Haynie Drive, $12,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Energy Way, Part of Lot 1, Plat Book R169 Page 1308, 2358 Wrightsboro Road, $32,000

O’Charley’s Inc. to Store Spe O’Charley’s LLC, 2.09 acres, on the east side of Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway, Easements, $1,986,800

Charles T. Fordham to Dolores M. Fordham, 2.12 acres and 1.94 acres, Tract A, Executrix’s Deed Under Power; and Building B, Lot 2, Innisbrook

SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Unit 2633 G, Towne Club Condo

Patricia M. Reece to Elzie W. Reece II, Lot 7, Plat Book 16D Page 432, 2920 Henry St., Life Estate Deed

SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to Julie R. Usry, Lot 2, Block A, Pine Valley

FNF Servicing Inc. and Loancare to US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section I, Lot 31, Block C, Belfair Lakes

Federal National Mortgage Association to HYC Financial LLC, Lot, on the north side of Warren Street, 1909 Warren St.

Melynda R. Cleveland to Clester Wade Hornsby IV, Lot 15, Block J, Fleming Heights, $128,000

Rose J. McDaniel to Equity Trust Co. Custodian and Edwin W. Justice IRA, Easement, Lot 18, Block C, Phase II, Whitney Place, $77,500

Helen C. Laws to Charles B. Kight and Reba L. Kight, 3306 Emerson Drive, Lot 8, Block H, Fairvale, $74,000

Rafik Bassall to Porcha M. Young, 308 Skylark Road, Lot 12, Block B, Ravenwood, $96,500

Melvin R. Leary to Diane Leary, Section V-C, Lot 11, Block 5, Pepperidge

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to US Department of Veterans Affairs, Section IV, Lot 37, Block B, Barnett Crossing

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jayson Norris, Section I, Lot 3, Block B, Goshen Retreat

First Bank of Georgia to Augusta Capital Group LLC, 4218 Beckmont Drive, Lot 19, Block A, Beckmont, $27,500

Wells Fargo Bank NA to US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 37, Block C, Spanish Trace

Augusta Georgia Land Bank Authority to Roscoe Williams, Lot 8, Block 12, Lafayette Place

US Department of Veterans Affairs to Curtis Brown, Lot 8, Block A, Karleen Road, Plat Book R209 Page 163, 3621 Karleen Road

Detric Chance to Kevin C. Schlegel, Section XV, Lot 22, Block E, Phase 1, Pepperidge, $65,900

US Department of Veterans Affairs to Terry L. Waters and Stephen W. Waters, 2230 Windsor Spring Road, Lot 15, Block 3, Burch Grant

Group 48 LLC to M21AP LLC, Lot 1, on the north side of Harold Road, Plat Book R181 Page 173, $85,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to US Department of Veterans Affairs, 1719 Tamarind Way, Lot 18, Block A, Phase Two, Cypress Pointe

Dana Bedden to Joseph S. Carwell Jr. and Leanna T. Carswell, Section 5A, Lot 15, Block G, Waverly, $255,000

Maria Deal and Maria G. Deal to Sharon B. Tanner, Section Two, Lot 2, Block 2I, West Wheeler Townhomes, $105,900

US Department of Veterans Affairs to Michelle L. Matthews, Plat Book B1306 Page 353, 2937 Dahlia Drive, Lot 27, Block B, Spring Glen

Pillon Communities Inc. to Jetone Bell, Section 3, Lot 40, Block C, Granite Hill, $231,800

Pillon Communities Inc. to Nichole Valerie Wilbon, Section One, Lot 36, Block A, Spirit Pointe, $204,000

Charles H. Nimmons Jr. to Byran K. Nimmons and Charles H. Nimmons III, Personal Representatives Deed of Assent, 3498 Byron Place, Lots 38, Block C; 2501 Cracel St., Lot 39, Block B; and 2502 Craven St., Lot 33, Block B, Windsor Heights

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Julie R. Usry, 2233 Boykin Road, Lot 17, Block F, Dallas Heights

Joseph Willie Williams Sr. to Senita W. Booker, Mattie Fleming, Joseph W. Williams Jr., Stanley L. Williams and Jacqueline R. Connie, Lot 5, Block B, Cherry Hills

George Kearse and George Kearse Jr. to Betty Ann Cain, Executor’s Deed of Assent, 2404 Mann St., Lot 10, Block C, Coleman Park

Edmund P. Kuhlke to Berckman Residential Properties LLC, 1.02 acres, Plat Book B7 Page 177, $800,000

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