Today's Home: Summerville

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In 1978, Pat and Susan McMahon moved into what would become their home of a lifetime.

The McMahon home in Summerville  TIM RAUSCH/STAFF
The McMahon home in Summerville

Susan McMahon said when they first moved into the home, the kitchen was anything but ideal.

Metal cabinets and a harvest-gold refrigerator were a few of the eyesores that made them cringe.

“There was green shag carpet all though the house,” Susan McMahon said. “We pulled it up, and that’s when we found the hardwood floors.”

According to the McMahons, the house didn’t need much work. They removed some outdated wallpaper, added a few walk-in closets and remodeled the kitchen, but overall, the original charm of the house is what they have always loved.

And while charm and structure are important qualities, the McMahons said the location of their home is ideal when it comes to school, church and shopping.

“I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else,” she said.

“It’s just a nice neighborhood and a great place to be.”


The family: Pat and Susan McMahon

The house: Four bedrooms, 3 baths, 3,522 square feet

Where: Off Glenn Avenue and McDowell Street in Summerville

Average list price: $230,000 to $260,000

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