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Career opportunities gave Sheldon Glorit and Stevi Cordie the chance to live in many states and in different types of homes.

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The Glorit's home in Woodside Plantation in Aiken.  Chris Thelen/Staff
Chris Thelen/Staff
The Glorit's home in Woodside Plantation in Aiken.

Over the years, they compiled a list of “must haves” for their retirement home. In August, they moved into it with no regrets.

“This is the first time we’ve built from the ground up. We’ve bought and renovated a lot of homes and infused our own personality in them,” Cordie said.

Cordie likes to have a lot of light in her home. She wanted to have rich, deep Brazilian hardwood floors in the living room and dark wood cabinets in the kitchen because they make the home feel warm and inviting to guests, she said.

The home is built overlooking a lake so multiple windows provide the lake view and let in a lot of light. The kitchen opens into large great room providing an uncluttered view.

The kitchen is filled with special details. The couple traveled to Elberton, Ga., to create their own unique countertops. Cordie didn’t want a microwave oven to mar the beauty of the countertops or to damage the cabinets so she found a drawer model that works well with her double ovens, she said. There’s also a wine cooler in the kitchen.

Aiken’s Woodside Plantation and the Reserve Club at Woodside Plan­tation are peaceful neighborhoods, but they are also not far from shopping, restaurants and other activities.

“There is nothing we need that isn’t convenient. If it’s not here, it is in Augusta or Columbia,” she said.

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