Shopgirl: App zaps need for mosquito repellant

OK, this is pretty cool: we’ve all woken up with legs full of mosquito bites and sworn never to go outside again, but with this new app Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller, you won’t have to even light a citronella candle again.


The app uses high frequency sound waves to repel mosquitoes and other pests, but the frequency is not one that human ears can detect. So you get none of the mosquitoes and don’t have to smell citronella, hear the bug zapper, or any other invasive kind of repellant.

Find it for free in the App Store and give it a try the next time you’re trying to enjoy a nice summer evening.


WHAT’S TRENDY. We’ve still got plenty of summer left, and nothing says summer style like a crisp gingham. It’s a look that can verge from classic into boring if you aren’t careful, but there are plenty of ways to keep the traditional print

One easy way is to find gingham in colors other than the blue and red we’re used to seeing – I saw a very cool look the other day that paired black gingham with army green, and it was a very fresh interpretation.

Another way to add
some interest is finding gingham in a different
textile than just cotton poplin – maybe a linen or even a raw silk. Add some texture into the textile, and it will make the pattern pop even more.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE. There’s only one month left of Movies on the Common, a great summer activity for the whole family generously put on by the City of Augusta and various local sponsors.

Aug. 19’s movie will be the animated Disney version of Aladdin, and the event is free and open to the public. The movie starts at dusk, but pre-movie activities begin at 7:30 p.m. and you won’t want to miss those. For more information just call (706) 821-1754.