Shopgirl: Facebook could offer filters similar to Snapchat

The Tulum dress from Nasty Gal offers an off-the-shoulder look for $68.

There’s some info floating around that Facebook Live, the streaming option housed within Facebook that is trying to compete with Periscope and Snapchat, will soon have filters. Now these aren’t filters like sepia or Valencia, but photoshop-on-the-go kind of filters that add cartoon eyes or cat ears to your moving visage while being on the video. It’s a smart move, because there’s no telling how much of Snapchat’s traffic the platform owes to its daily-changing, always-entertaining lineup of filters. Be on the lookout for the Facebook Live filters to drop sometime later this summer if not sooner.



WHAT’S TRENDY: Off the shoulder is definitely on trend this summer, from breezy linen dresses like the Tulum dress from Nasty Gal, or Milly’s flowy Cady Mila Mini dress.

The Milly dress drops lower than most off the shoulder dresses, and has boning in the bodice so everything stays put. I think almost everyone has jumped onto this trend, from J.Crew to Tibi to Joie. I like this shape in textiles that are breathable and beachy, like a linen or a ticking cotton.


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