Property transfers

Sept. 7


Casey E. Phillips to Darren B. Fraser, Ld:, Lot 4, Block B Subdivision: Delta View Estates, $94,300

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Esslinger Investments 3 LLC, Ld:, Lot 46, Block D Subdivision: Covington Section Vii, $56,300

Jacenthia Clark to Hallah Banks Jr. and Cathy Banks, Ld:, Lot 2, Block C Subdivision: Forest Estates, $83,000

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Department of Veterans Affairs, Ld: Sd recorded at Deed Book B874 1122, Lot 18, Block C Subdivision: Cedar Ridge Farms Section Iv

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Cynthia W. Whitfield, Ld:, 4724 Weldon Adams Drive, Lot 4, Block E Subdivision: Manchester Section Seven, $253,900

Marcia R. Wylds and James W. III Wylds to Tinh Tran, Ld:, 2553 Carriage Creek, Lot 1, Block D Subdivision: Alexander Commons, $151,000

Bradford H. Thornton to Christopher Willox, Ld:, 2008 Riviera Drive, Lot 2, Block N Subdivision: Emerald Bay Section One, $78,000

Irene Cummings to Jia D. Stephens, Ld:, 3706 Pinnacle Pl Drive, Lot 3, Block A Subdivision: Pinnacle Place Section I, $128,000

Marion Larkin Jay to Patrick M. Tilloston, Ld: Executor’s Deed, 1929 Satcher Blvd., Lot 17, Block E Subdivision: Silvercrest, $43,000

Orion Venture Wells LLC to 888 Wf Walton LLC, Ld: Parcel, on the southwest corner of Walton Way &Liberty Street, $1,960,000

Coel Development Co. Inc. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., Ld:, 4738 Weldon Adams Drive, Lot 9, Block E Subdivision: Manchester Section Seven, $42,900

Thomas Eugene Cadle to Homes2cash LLC, Ld: Administrators Deed, 2029 Trout Drive, Lot 24, Block D Subdivision: Lakeside, $15,000

Walter Christian II Etterlee to Dane Sutton, Ld:, 1 Seventh Street, Lot, Block Subdivision: River Pl At Port Royal, $194,000

Ella J. Sanders to Gd Land LLC, Ld: Adminstrators Deed, 1904 Pennsylvania Avenue, Lot 22, Block H Subdivision: Tuxedo Park, $20,000

Russell Keadle and Keystone Property Development LLC to Michelle Sims, Ld: Lot, on the north side of Greene Street R-609 875 563 Greene Street, $99,000

Jared C. Tau to Patric A. Moore, Ld:, Lot 19, Block V Subdivision: Clairmont Section One, $152,900

Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Department of Veterans Affairs, Ld:, Lot 7, Block A Subdivision: Belfair Lakes Section 1

Julian B. Battle and Mary Elizabeth Steketee Battle to Darryl M. Merriweather, Ld:, 2504 Springwood Drive, Lot 19, Block A Subdivision: Forest Park North Section 1, $136,000

Megan E. Simons and Megan Simmons Furno to Raymond Carnes, Ld:, Lot 11, Block C Subdivision: Bedford Heights, $135,000

Mattie E. Seigler and Mattie Ellen Seigler to Andrea D. Miller, Ld: Executrix Deed, Lot 36, Block Subdivision: Hillside

Andrea D. Miller and Andria Denise Smith Miller to Ronald L. Baurs, Ld:, Lot 36, Block Subdivision: Hillside, $48,000

Keith Howard to John Weir, Ld:, Lot, Block Subdivision: Summer Place Condo, Building D, $70,000

Robert E. Whittington to Carmen Yvette Logan, Ld:, 3027 Haynes Station Drive, Lot 13, Block A Subdivision: Haynes Station, $279,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Brendon A. Hyder, Ld:, 7089 Summerton Drive, Lot 39, Block J Subdivision: Haynes Station, $177,500

Lsf9 Master Participation Trust and US Bank Trust Na Trustee to Cameron Mills, Ld:, Lot 16, Block J Subdivision: Cambridge Section Six, $109,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Daryl Walker, Ld:, 2727 Ardwick Drive, Lot 26, Block Subdivision: Southampton Section 2, $188,500

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Wilfred E. White, Ld:, 4742 Weldon Adams Drive, Lot 11, Block E Subdivision: Manchester Section Seven, $281,900

Paris Jr Wilson to Michael William Wilson, Ld: Pt L 7, on the south side of Browns Ln /Browns Alley/, Plat Book 3-M 286 2022 Browns Alley &Pt Lot B, on the south side of Browns Alley, Plat Book 22-K 502 2018 Browns Ln

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Joshua C. Roesch, Ld:, 8022 Crawley Street, Lot 9, Block M Subdivision: Haynes Station, $189,900

Joshua Charles Roesch to Joshua Charles Roesch and Brooke Marie Roesch, Ld:, 8022 Crawley Street, Lot 9, Block M Subdivision: Haynes Station

Coel Development Co. Inc. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., Ld:, 2697 Ardwick Drive, Lot 9, Block D Subdivision: Southampton Section 2, $33,000

Colby Dean to Isaac Goldbloom, Ld:, Lot 12, Block B Subdivision: Central Avenue # 2, $79,900

Elena Cuartas Villegas to Ariana Villegas Cuartas, Ld:, Tract A &, Tract B, on the west side of Arsenal Avenue B-757 1203 Executor’s Deed, Lot, Block Subdivision: $0,000

Carolyn L. Barnes to Wilson Waters, Ld: 0.414 Acres, Tract B R-157 227, Lot 14, Block Subdivision: Cypress Acreszapf, $51,500

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to Ivey Residential LLC, Ld:, Lot 43, Block L Subdivision: Walton Hills Section Eight, $29,000

Rebecca Lynn Meister to Beverly Oconnell, Ld: 1/112Th % Undivided Int, Lot, Block Subdivision: Windsong Condo, Building 14, $48,000

Patty Frost and Cecil W. Jr Frost to Franchester Jordan and Frank Jordan, Ld:, Lot 12, Block A Subdivision: Fernwood Section V Pt I, $50,000

Michael K. Mcmickle to Marcella Brossa Vigil, Ld:, Lot 5, Block B Subdivision: Pepperidge Section II-B, $89,000

Stanley M. Prince to Sumathy Reddy, Ld:, Lot 24, Block Subdivision: Walden Place, $94,700

Sandra J. Brace to Michael J. Gallucci, Ld: 2242 Cadden Road, Lot 2, Block A Subdivision: Burch Grant Section Two, $144,100

James W. Bennett Jr. to James W. Bennett Jr. and Frances T. Bennett, Ld:, Lot 3, Block Subdivision: Reid Court

Shonta V. Young and Shonta Young Gowdy to Angella Evans and Gerald Evans, Ld:, 3516 Shady Brook Drive, Lot 7, Block B Subdivision: Pepperidge Section 11B, $72,500

Ralph C. Jr Newman to Michael S. Yohe, Ld: 1.36 Acres, L 16, Block A 1120 Franke Place Court, $110,000


Sept. 8

Gertrude Bell Seabrook to Corey Seabrook, Christopher Seabrook, Sheree Seabrook and Leroy Seabrook, Ld: Etc, 14.5 Acres, P Deed Of Administration

John A. III Rosier to Hunter Chance Rosier and John A. Custodian Jr. Rosier, Ld: 3.56 Acres, Tract B-1 B-673 1111 4714 Tinley Road &1.39 Acres, Tract C-1 B-673 1111 2074 Broome Road Deed Of Administration

Flagstar Bank Fsb to Department of Veterans Affairs, Ld: Foreclosure Deed recorded at Deed Book B1594 1923, 2949 Pointewest Drive, Lot 4, Block A Subdivision: Pointe West Pointwest

D R. Horton Inc. to Terrell Deshawn Bennett Sr., Lot 40, Block A Subdivision: Sims Landing, $203,600

Byron A. Barnard and Byron Barnard &Associates LLC to Mcgillicuddy Enterprises LLC, Lot 24, Block Subdivision: Oglethorpe Homes, $25,500

Leverne H. Williams to Andrea Williams Mays and Donald Williams Jr., Lot 38, Block I Subdivision: Fairington Section Viii-A

Marilyn Cogar to Noel Trejob and Lucia Santos, Ld:, 2213 Travis Road, Lot 5, Block Subdivision: Waddell Pate, $4,500

W Kay Gibson and Roy Rondal Dickerson to Pornthip Dickerson, Ld: Deed Of Executrix, 2304 Basswood Drive, Lot 20, Block E Subdivision: Woodvalley Estates Section One

Robert Jones Mercier to David L. Huguenin, Ld: Lot 9, Plat Book 3-V 691 711 Moore Avenue, $7,300

Julia A. Sangston and Richard W. Sangston to J&B Rental Properties LLC, Ld:, Lot 9B, Block 1 Subdivision: Martinez Terrace, $121,900

William E. West to William David West, Ld: Deed Of Assent, 3533 Woodlake Road, Lot 12, Block A Subdivision: Woodlake Section I

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Department of Veterans Affairs, Ld:, Lot 8, Block F1 Subdivision: Pepperidge Section Vi-A

Sand Hills Urban Development Inc. to Utopia Boynton, Ld:, 2901 Pepperdine Drive, Lot 5, Block Subdivision: Aubern At Sand Ridge, $172,000

Banks T. Johnson, Hong T. H Johnson, Renee B. T Drayton Love and Renee Drayton to Orlandos Williams and Cecile Williams, Lot 17, Block C Subdivision: Windermere Section II, $69,000

Fraser W. Manice Jr. to Jason M. Ledford and Tracy D. Ledford, Lot 3, Block Subdivision: Heard Place, $134,900

Jurgen Brauer to Stephanie Shay Sumner, Lot 32, Block A Subdivision: Montclair Section Vi, $154,900

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Benjamin Jones, Lot 1, Block Subdivision: Claud R Caldwell, $0,000

Bowman Family Trust Dated August 28 2012, Sandra M. Bowman Trustee and John R. Bowman Trustee to June Gabice and Johnny Gabice, Lot 1, Block B Subdivision: Innisbrook, $78,400

David L. Huff to Steven R. Stmichel, Ld:, Tract A B-5 164, $275,000

Katsuya Miyake to Jeremy M. Seteroff, Ld:, Lot 8, Block Subdivision: Magnolia Ridge, $165,500

Catherine Derrick and Louis Derrick Sr. to Harry B. III James, Ld:, 414 Rachael Street, Lot 24, Block A Subdivision: Hornsby, $7,400

Terminix Service Inc. to Hyung Goo Kim, Ld: 1.22 Acres, on the south side of Walden Road R-56 1521, $140,000

Beau Thigpen and Beau E. Thigpen to Stephen P. Cordaro and Kristin Marie Cordaro, Ld:, Lot 11, Block L Subdivision: Brynwood Section II, $201,000

Jj&Z Builders LLC to Relisa Taylor, Ld:, Lot 11, Block B Subdivision: Orchard Section One, $230,000

Gigs D. Foster to Reginald Warren and Gigs D. Foster, Ld:, 2206 Matthew Court, Lot 44, Block L Subdivision: Walton Hills Section Eight

Cherly Carswell, Patricia Early, Eldora E. Amason and Gwen Fulcher Young to Shelby Beasley and Douglas O. Beasley, Ld:, 27 Tiburon Trail, Lot 4, Block A Subdivision: Tiburon $93,000

Josephine A. Strellner and Josephine Ann Strellner to Glenn Jerome Strellner, Ld: Executor’s Deed, Vi-A, Lot 15, Block 8 Subdivision: Pepperidge Sec

Michael S. Fletcher to Fletcher Properties LLC, Ld:, Lot 13, Block A Subdivision: National Estates Section One

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Jimmy Allen Mayton, Ld:, 2131 Reedale Avenue, Lot 41, Block Subdivision: Hillside Addition, $32,500

Stephen H. Steinberg, William E. III Walker, Mark S. Donahue and Creeks At Belmont Inc. to Creeks At Augusta LLC, Ld: 8.44 Acres, Pt Lot B, on the east side of Belmont Road, Plat Book 31-C 254 &B-898 2021 1815 Belmont Avenue, $3,480,000

Augusta Georgia Land Bank Authority to Albert Joe Collins, Ld: Lot 7, Block 90-C 1607 Essie Mcintyre

James A. Crawford to Berneice C. Crawford and James A. Crawford, Ld:, Lot 1, Block B Subdivision: Foxhall Section Two

Unruh Investments LLC to Micah L. Scott Sr., Ld:, Lot Pt39, Block Subdivision: Oglethorpe Heights, $18,200

Reshard Abrams to Shawn D. Key, Ld:, Lot 1, Block E Subdivision: Windsor Spring Exception, $26,000

M Elaine Hock to Lyndsey S. Williams Mayweather, Ld:, Lot 16, Block C Subdivision: Whitney Place, Easement, $119,900

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Reginald Mason Jr., Ld:, 2915 Panhandle Cir, Lot 14, Block D Subdivision: Oklahoma Hills Section III

Ms Riverwatch LLC to Riverview Express LLC, Ld: S Cor Cabela Drive &Comcast Lane, $490,000

Richmond County to James F. Sheehan Trust, Ld: 0.11 of an acre, Cor Franklin Lane &Tuttle Street

Larry D. Miller to Molly P. Richardson and Andrew E. Richardson, Ld: L 1, on the south side of Henry Street, Plat Book 16-M 377, $271,000

Needom T. Tomlinson to Carolyn Tomlinson, Ld: 0.68 of an acre, &38 Acres

Parkridge Builders Inc. to Linda B. Littrell and Edward L. Littrell, Ld: 2.464 Acres, B-12 228, $279,900

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alexia Wilson, Ld:, 4731 Laurel Oak Drive, Lot 37, Block B Subdivision: Pinehurst Sc