Shopgirl: Galleries have art for show and sale

The Augusta local art scene is doing so well this holiday season, with the Westobou SEEDS exhibit and now the Artus Co-op open downtown showcasing a fantastic gallery of local art perfect for gifting this holiday season.


Artus is a an artist-owned and operated co-op/gallery/retail space/agency and more, aimed at supporting and growing local art by supporting and empowering local artists. Whether it’s photography, leatherwork, paintings or a wide range of other media, Artus is a great space to find that perfect gift for someone unique.


It’s located at 1155 Broad St. in downtown Augusta, and you can find more information on Facebook or at

WHAT’S TRENDY: The beautiful, musical sisters of the band Haim have partnered with Reformation to bring us one super chic collection just in time for holiday celebration.

Gorgeous satins, clean lines and ’70s vibes galore make this line very reminiscent of Diana Ross or Bianca Jagger – and with a lot of flowing wrap dresses and flattering shapes that will look great on everyone. This is a very limited-run collection, and will be sure to sell out.

Keep in mind also that Reformation is a fantastic company that takes lots of care with every step of production, to respect not only the process of making you a piece destined to last, but also the people who are a part of that process and the environmental impact of bringing you your clothes.

Find the collection at

WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: If you’ve got someone hard to buy for still on your list, consider what many people consider to be the best bang-for-your-buck wireless earbuds - the Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones.

They’re great for anyone, really, but especially for someone on your list who works out, has a long commute, or in some other way spends time listening to music or podcasts while not necessarily sitting still. They come in at just $150, and have an impressive battery life that means you won’t have to really think about recharging very often.

Find them on Amazon or anywhere electronics are sold.



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