Shopgirl: App turns picture in 1,000 words

LetterSnap is a new app that automatically converts printed text into text documents on your phone, just by snapping a photo.


The app takes a photo of the words, and quickly converts it into text you can copy and paste into a text message, email, tweet, or whatever way you need to use it. The app even works within AirDrop to use on your phone and then immediately drop into your iCloud for use on your Apple computer - way better than just scanning an image of a document or laboriously typing it into a word processer program.

In addition to converting the data, LetterSnap also stores the text for you so you can go back and access the converted data whenever you need to. Find it for free in the App Store and for Android.

WHAT’S TRENDY: Augusta Food Tours wants you to experience food and drink in Augusta “one bite at a time” through their progressive dinner food tours of downtown and Summerville.

The tours kick off at Southbound Smokehouse, and then shuttle over to downtown Augusta and move to several other restaurants along Broad Street. The tour is open to the entire family, with kids (ages 4-12) tickets at $32 and adult tickets at $42.

The tours take about three hours and take place over lunch time, at 11 a.m. on Thursday and Friday, 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and noon on Sunday.

You can find more information at

WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: Sometimes, it seems like it’s easier to figure out gifts for the major players in life, like significant others and family, than the $25 and under gifts (coworkers, book club, etc.).

It’s pretty difficult to get an inexpensive gift that is a crowd-pleaser and also not something everyone already owns. My new favorite gift for this category is a cute, recipient-specific lapel pin from Pintrill.

This place has pins depicting everything - wine glass, emojis, celebrity faces, even award pins for things like “didn’t punch anyone in the face today!” or “put some money into my savings account!” There is literally a pin for everyone and is a fun, inexpensive ($15 or less) demonstration that you know and appreciate who someone really is. Check them all out at