Shopgirl: New emojis include avocado, flatbread

The new iOS 10.2 will be released officially soon, and with it comes the latest crop of emoji and emoji alterations.


This round brings some minor changes to the little illustrations - all of the emoji look super-realistic now, like something out of a Pixar movie.


The new additions are pretty fun, too. There is an avocado, a face with a cowboy hat, Mother Christmas (whatever that is?), stuffed flatbread, a person doing a cartwheel, and a whole lot more. I’ll be curious to see at what point emoji start to be more formally categorized beyond the little tabs on our Apple keyboards - each version of iOS releases about 50-100 new emoji, and pretty soon that will be more emoji than really are useful.

WHAT’S TRENDY: Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and if you’re preparing the big meal for the first time this year or just want to up your turkey game, Helms College is offering a Saturday Chef Cooking Class that is aimed at making Thanksgiving easy for you.

The class will feature hands-on experience on how to properly brine and roast a turkey, honey glazed ham, prepare homemade stuffing, classic mashed potatoes, cornbread casserole, and classic green bean almandine in time for the big day. It will be taught by the Helms College chef instructor, and the best part might be all the samples that you’ll get to enjoy throughout the class.

For more information, go to HelmsContinuing or call (706) 651-9707. Registration is required.

WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: Even though it’s already November, the temperatures have only allowed us to pull out jackets once or twice. I’m ready to get to expand into cool weather wear, especially considering what a great selection of jackets are out there right now.

The motorcycle jacket is making a consistent appearance in a lot of places this fall. Zara has a very cool oversized biker jacket in a really beautiful oxblood color, that would look fantastic with a more form-fitting outfit underneath (only $299). Blank NYC also has a mid-thigh length moto jacket that is very streamlined (so it doesn’t look too goth or militaristic) but is an interesting alternative to the traditional outerwear coat (NastyGal, $178).