Shopgirl: Social media allows users to anonymously reach out

Especially for younger users, social media can be an avenue for communication about issues they don't feel comfortable talking about "in real life" – whether that's depression, anger, or just general unhappiness.


Instagram rolled out a new feature recently that allows you to anonymously alert Instagram administrators when someone you know posts something that concerns you or seems like a cry for help, whether it's self-harm or suicide or something else. Once alerted, Instagram then contacts the original poster with a message expressing concern about their well-being, and referring them to either talk to a friend, contact a helpline, or read about management tips and support.


WHAT'S TRENDY. Wow, the latest H&M collaboration with Kenzo is going to be really something.

Kenzo, the Japanese luxury house with eye-catching textiles and very avant-garde structural lines, is collaborating with H&M to bring 113 pieces to us Nov. 3 and the collection starts at less than $20. The pieces range from socks to outerwear, and there's not a boring item in the bunch. There's no way to look at all 113 pieces and not find something you absolutely adore.

You can see the lookbook online, and get the collection in stores and online starting Nov. 3.


WHAT'S AFFORDABLE. The Partridge Inn is hosting a Halloween Party on Saturday, Oct. 29, full of live music, great food and a signature cocktail.

Costumes are highly encouraged, and a costume contest will be held at the end of the evening. Prizes for the costume contest include dinner for two at the P.I. Bar & Grill – and first prize is an overnight stay at the Partridge Inn complete with breakfast.

The event is free and starts at 8 p.m. Call the Partridge Inn at (706) 737-8888 for more details.