Shopgirl: New Spectacles an interesting idea

Snapchat has a new idea, and it’s bringing back the idea that Google Glass was trying to get started a few years ago.


Spectacles is the Snapchat-connected wearable that will be available later this year, but it will be much more affordable than previous versions of glasses-esque wearables at $129.

Unlike the kind of annoying Google Glass, which might have tried to do too many things at once, Spectacles will just be camera-enabled glasses – with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability – that charge wirelessly. This is a very interesting monetization move for a company that is basically going from app to product, a new version of what usually works the other way around.


WHAT’S TRENDY: A big trend for several past fall seasons has been the bootie, but this fall, we’re taking it back to the late ’90s and early ’00s with the ankle-high chunky heel boot. Whether they lace up, zip up or slip on, these boots are everywhere.

Mango has a great pair that are a chestnut brown lace-up iteration and will only set you back $130. If you want to get a little more pricey and a little more trendy, Rachel Comey has a pearlized pair that is kind of reminiscent of a ’70s go-go boot but shorter.

Even more of a statement is Loeffler Randall’s Isla slim ankle boot, with a paisley pattern and a velvet textile. Regardless, you can find a version of this trend that fits your wardrobe and the aesthetic you enjoy.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: The 23rd annual Border Bash is this coming weekend, and this year it returns to the Augusta Golf and Gardens. The Border Bash Foundation has raised close to $1 million for charities all over the area, and the bash is a fantastic way to enjoy the festivities of the Georgia-Carolina game close to home. Get your tickets in advance for $15, and enjoy great music and more. Go to for all the information.