Shopgirl: Following celebs on Snapchat gets easier

Love following celebrities like Jimmy Fallon on Snapchat? It just got easier with a new features tab in the app.

If you’re on Snapchat, and like to follow your favorite celebrities, there’s a new feature that makes it even easier to find their official accounts.


If you see a celebrity you want to follow, whether they’re featured in the Official Live Stories tab or other compilations within Snapchat, just tap their username in the top left corner of the story and you will see them pop up in your regular feed immediately. So now, from Jimmy Fallon to Bethenny Frankel, you can follow your favorite celebs’ every move throughout the day.


WHAT’S TRENDY: I’m so excited to see the end of the statement necklace era. To be fair, it wasn’t just statement necklaces – it was statement everything. Forever 21 and H&M made a killing off this trend, but I don’t think they’ll profit as much from this next one.

The current trend in jewelry is the anti-statement piece: a simple pendant, a signet ring without any kind of stone.

This kind of jewelry is much more prone to show its value, so they need to be a little bit of an investment piece. Nothing crazy, but don’t fall prey to buying these dainty pieces just to have them turn your neck green. My favorite jewelry brands for these kind of pieces are BRVTVS, Catbird NYC and Gabriela Artigas.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: The Movies on the Common series repeats this Friday with a screening of The Good Dinosaur, a 2015 Pixar animated movie about a young boy who befriends a dinosaur when he becomes separated from his family. The movie will be screened on the Augusta Common at dusk, and vendors will be selling concessions.

The movie is free, and all you need to bring is a picnic blanket or chairs.

For more information, call (706) 821-1754.