Locals appear, win prizes on television game shows

Local people appear on TV game shows

Lights, camera, hopefully win big.


Darrien Patterson’s Hollywood trip and four hours filming as a contestant on the television game show Let’s Make a Deal sent him home with an outdoor grill worth $1,800.

“It was like my heart went all the way down to my knees,” said Patterson about winning.

The Martinez resident always wanted to appear on the daytime game show The Price is Right, but never landed tickets. He applied for Let’s Make a Deal tickets online and received a priority ticket that guaranteed him an interview with the producers.

Patterson made the Hollywood trip in August with his friend Alfonso Gibbs, of Augusta, who won $1,700 on the show. For Gibbs, the thrill wasn’t all in the taping but also in watching himself appear on TV when the show aired.

Gibbs recorded the show while he was at work and watched it later that night with friends and family. They gawked at the sight of Gibbs standing next to celebrity host and comedian Wayne Brady.

“I was laughing for days. It was hilarious to watch it back,” Gibbs said.

Augusta sisters Christine and Annie Jones have also watched themselves on a game show. The two auditioned for Family Feud with two aunts from Ohio and a cousin.

Auditioning for the show in Atlanta was the idea of Annie Jones, who said she is a big fan of the host, Steve Harvey.

The family was playing to win money for the two aunts, who both have seven children.

“I was a complete nervous wreck. Mostly because of the audience and being up there in front of people,” Annie Jones said.

The family played in four episodes but cannot discuss the show’s outcome because only one taped episode has aired. The shows were filmed over two days in June at a studio in Atlanta.

The contestants arrived at 8 a.m. and reviewed rules with show producers.

There was no hair and makeup session, but the Joneses were told to wear bright, solid colors for the cameras.

The best part of the show? “Winning for my aunts. They need it the most,” said Christine Jones.

Patterson said that after his experience in front of the cameras, he wants to audition for more television shows and even movies. He’ll try again for The Price is Right next year.

“I can really see myself doing that,” he said.

“To know you can get paid and have so much fun in the studio.”