More Than Skin Deep: The quest for the perfect face

Even Barbie, with her small waist, hot clothes and beauiful home, isn't perfect.

Everyone loves Barbie – and hates her. I’m not sure even Oprah is as famous as Barbie. Every man and boy knows of this girl’s doll. She has stood the test of time and, if anything, has gotten younger.


If you compare her face now to when she was created in 1959, it has sort of flattened out, and the eyes have gotten all wide-like in a very unrealistic attempt to give her a more modern look. She looks rather generic and kind of like an anime cartoon character to me.

But Barbie is perfect, born fully grown, tall, blonde and beautiful, with perfect features, or so they thought.

She has a waist that’s really tiny, the hottest clothes, best-of-the-best looking friends, beautiful home, cool car, and Ken.

She is, of course, very high maintenance, constantly needing new clothes, accessories, new homes and furnishings. She has been a paradigm for all young girls all these years, and has even managed to stay popular, standing the test of time.

But as an educated stylist, I am trained in the art of shaping hair to fit the face. Although I make it a point when doing a consultation not to point out one’s flaws, and instead, try to bring attention to the better features of the face, I am going to make an exception in this case. Barbie has a big forehead. It was really big when she was first introduced in 1959, and even after the constant reshaping of her face in an attempt to get it right, she still has a big forehead.

So this just goes to prove that no one, not even Barbie, is perfect.

They can move her cheeks around, make her eyes look like aliens, and pay millions upon millions of dollars in an effort to achieve the perfect face, and after all that, she’s still got a big forehead.

So the next time you are getting dressed for work, and you are having a really bad forehead day, get out your Barbie doll and set her in front of you as your guide to beauty. Then sweep your bangs off of your face and say, “There, I look just like Barbie”.

Dear Scott: How do I cut my own bangs? They always look terrible when I do it.

Answer: I realize that running into the salon in between haircuts can be a real hassle. So this is how you do it: wash, dry and style your hair first. You can’t work with bed head or dirty hair. Take a 1-inch section in the middle of the bangs and twist it. Then cut just the very tips off. You can always cut it again if it isn’t short enough. Do the same on both sides. By twisting the hair first, you keep it from looking like your mother did it with a bowl.

Dear Scott: I’ve always had a problem with my weight. I really don’t eat very much but I never lose any weight. I hate to exercise because it is hard and boring. I have thought about going to one of those weight-loss doctors and getting medicine to help me lose weight. Have you heard if that works?

Answer: The problem I hear from clients who went this route was that they lost a bunch of weight right away, but the medicine is actually an amphetamine. Supplied with nutrient bars and supplements to counteract the effects of rapid weight loss and increased energy, all seems safe, and you lose a lot of weight. But at the end of the program, everyone I have seen on it gains the weight right back again, sometimes even getting heavier than before the program.

The one thing I have seen that actually works is Zumba. It increases your metabolism and you lose weight by dancing. I have seen this work for people in a matter of months, and the weight stays off because you no longer hate to exercise, and actually look forward to the class.

Don’t worry, everyone there doesn’t look like a supermodel. Those that do are the ones that have been doing the program for awhile. So you might want to give Zumba a try instead of the pill thing. After all, what have you got to lose?

Tip of the week: To create a new look for yourself, start at the top with a new hairdo.