More Than Skin Deep: People of every hair color can be blonde



She came in for her hair-color appointment, a multistep, shoulder-length, blonde project. She has been a client for years and was excited about a charity event that was being done at one of the salons in downtown Augusta.

This woman could be Legally Blonde’s twin – an extremely educated, good-looking blonde, and total girly girl. She even dresses up her dog, with outfits that match what she is wearing.

So she comes in, telling me of this idea where people come to the salon with their dogs and the stylists do little stuff to the dog, like paint toenails, glue sparkly things in their fur and sell little handmade items for the dogs, with the proceeds going to charity, and how I should do the same thing in my salon, and how much fun it was.

It was a great idea, and it sounded like great fun, because I also have a peculiar fancy for dressing up my Rottweiler and painting her toenails. I explained to her that I am in the process of looking for other stylists to join the staff.

As much as I would love to do an event like this, with only two people in the salon, there wouldn’t be enough stylists to make any money for the charity.

“It’s a fun raiser, silly!” she said. “It’s not about the money! It’s about the fun!”

I’m sure that if you saw the look on my face at that moment, it would have been like that of a person who had just crossed between two dimensions, as my mind unraveled her thought pattern.

I said, “You know that there is a D in that word.”

Her face went completely blank, and I added, “It’s a ‘fund’ raiser.” All this time, she thought that people were raising fun, although, I really prefer her version better.

No matter what your hair color is, some people are truly blonde at the roots. I love all of you; you know who you are.

Dear Scott: Every time I get my highlights done, it looks like I still have roots. When my friend gets hers done, they go all the way to the head. Hers lasts longer, too. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Sounds like you are going to the wrong colorist.

If you like your friend’s color, go to her colorist. There are modern techniques for achieving the stylish “rooty” look that is popular right now, if that is your desired outcome. But if it isn’t, nothing is more frustrating than getting your foils done and still having a black crack.

Not only is there a trick to placing the foils in, but there is also a trick to the placement of the foil to produce lasting results.


Tip of the week: Many women who think they can’t wear blonde hair actually make beautiful blondes.

Scott Terwilliger Aiken salon owner and master stylist, can be reached at