More Than Skin Deep: Anyone can look younger with right haircut, color

What makes people old? Many people are under the impression that because they get older, they should look the part. They will say “I’m 50 years old. Don’t you think that I should look 50?”


But I say, “Who decided what a 50-year-old should look like anyway?”

The best way to look young and feel younger is to stay away from age-defining stereotypes. Weird isn’t it that there doesn’t seem to be as many “as you get older” rules for men as there are for women?

I don’t believe that a woman can’t wear a short skirt just because she gets older. I’ve seen plenty of women over 40 who look good in a short skirt. She can’t wear a short skirt if it looks bad on her at any age. It’s the same with hair, makeup, whatever.

The oldest misconception out of Grandma’s handbook is “As you get older, you should cut your hair.”

Long hair can look bad on a 20-year-old, too, if it’s not cut right. Whereas it is true that long hair can pull your face down, it’s all in how it’s cut. Color can also make a huge difference in the scheme of things. But a short haircut can be fun and can make anyone feel better, younger and more alive when done right.

Some haircuts can be wild even for a young woman, but the question really is, “Is it right for you?” If you are daring at 70 years old, go get a daring, hot, fun, haircut and don’t worry if it is too young or not. Odds are it’s going to look great on you. After all, you are what you wear!


Dear Scott: I heard that you should go lighter with your hair color as you get older? Is this true?

Answer: It is, and it isn’t. This is one of those questions that are sort of from Granny’s closet. While it is true that lighter hair can sometimes wash out your complexion, thus making you appear younger; it is not true for everyone.

Sometimes lighter hair can make you look sallow, or make your skin look red and blotchy, or maybe just isn’t what is right for you. This is one of those questions to ask an educated stylist during a consultation. Dark hair can sometimes bring out features that, when accentuated, far outway the “lighter hair as you get older” folklore. You might need to have both. The best way to achieve a dark look without it looking “too dark” or unnatural is to darken the hair and highlight just a little at the same time. This is not a high-light and low-light thing I am telling you about. It’s called marbleizing. I use this technique often for women who have gone completely gray but would like to turn the clock back to brunette.


Dear Scott: My husband has wrinkles on his neck. Have you heard if Thermage works? Do you know of another way to get rid of his old-man neck?

Answer: Get a younger husband!

Thermage is a new treatment that is supposed to stimulate the collagen with heat, claiming to smooth and tighten the skin, and I have seen the results. I did not see much of a difference, if any. It costs about $1,500 and for that much money I want to see a difference. You can look up some before-and-after shots on the Web site. If you can see a difference on there, let me know ’cause I sure can’t!


TIP OF THE WEEK: A smile can take years off of your face!



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