Scented laces not just for shoes

Apparel Dynasty produces many scented clothing products, including shoelaces.

MELVILLE, N.Y. — For Apparel Dynasty, a Bohemia, N.Y., clothing company, when it comes to sneakers, makeup bags, wallets – or scented shoelaces – the watchwords are, in co-owner Stacey Grieco’s words, “cute and affordable.”


“We have been in business for about a year, actually debuting our line at last February’s Magic Show in Vegas,” Grieco said in an e- mail.

“It was an eye-opening experience as from that show, we got the idea to expand our product line into a full-fledged shoe and shoe accessories line.”

The company is working now to expand its network of retailers selling scented shoelaces, marketed to preteen girls, with direct-to-consumer and fundraising information at scented

The laces are loaded with such scents as pancake batter, bubble gum, sweet relish, fortune cookie, fried egg and ketchup.

Also, Grieco writes, “We do have an interesting repertoire of platform pumps, ballet flats and sneakers … and we incorporate those designs into makeup bags, wallets and luggage, that’s cute and affordable.”

The company hopes girls will use the laces as all-around decorations and accessories. Its Web site offers advice on “Fun Ways to Wear Your Scented Shoelaces” – as ribbons on ponytails, as a belt, looped on backpacks.

Apparel Dynasty also sells scented T-shirts and posters and a line of shoes, sneakers and bags under the Acrylicana brand name.