Royal wedding has implications for social media

Social Savvy

The royal wedding is shaping up as a serious social media event.


The entire wedding ceremony of Britain's Prince William and his fianceé Catherine Middleton will be broadcast Friday on a YouTube channel -- The Royal Channel (

The official Web site for the wedding says the video feed will come from the BBC but will air on YouTube sans commentary.

It's worth noting that several less social video-streaming platforms could have been chosen and just hosted on an official Web site.

Besides the stream, the channel also features an option to send your YouTube video message to the engaged couple.

In addition to YouTube, wedding updates will be tweeted from the @ClarenceHouse Twitter account, and congratulatory tweets can be sent to the couple using the #rw2011 hashtag.

The British Monarchy Facebook page is already designed with the upcoming wedding information.

Another app to watch is the "stories" application, which is planned as a way for users to share their plans for the celebration and thoughts on the royal nuptials.

If you're thinking the event seems more gossip-magazine fodder than serious technology news, remember that the community built on social media channels is not wedding-exclusive and all this could have future implications for connecting the country and the international online community.

Google, which owns YouTube, noted in its blog that searches for the royal wedding aren't limited to the United Kingdom and the U.S.

The United States ranks seventh in regional interest, according to their insights taken Tuesday, behind South Africa.

The YouTube broadcast will start at 5 a.m. Friday -- will you watch?

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