Vineyard church members offer drive-through prayers



If you’ve driven up Wrightsboro Road toward Belair Road on a recent Monday morning, you might have received a prayer or a blessing without realizing it.

The members of Vineyard Community Church would like you to stop, however, and receive a blessing and maybe a cup of coffee.

From 7-9 a.m. Mondays through­out 2016, the church is offering Drive-Thru Prayer at the old Sue Reynolds School building, which will become the church’s permanent home sometime this summer.

Commuters on their way to work or to drop the kids off at the new Sue Reynolds Elementary School just down the street can stop in and have a prayer team pray with them.

“We’re trying to communicate to the people that live around here that we’re here,” the Rev. Jeff Miller said.

He said the church, which is in its 15th year, has been trying to figure out how it can serve the area. He said one thing they do well is pray.

Vineyard has been doing that in a similar ministry at First Friday downtown, where a team sets up a coffee and water station and prays for those who stop by.

“We talk about the Bible and teach the Bible, but then we invite people to experience the Bible,” Miller said. In the Scriptures, “most of what Jesus does happens outside of the church, rather than in the church.”

With the church’s new location and the expansion of that section of Wrightsboro Road, Miller said, he wanted the church to establish a presence in the neighborhood and reach as many people as it can.

He estimated he has prayed for 30 people in the parking lot of the new school in the past three months.

Church member Sarah Darr said that while she waits, she prays for people as they drive

Many of them wave, honk the horn or look at the volunteers curiously as they drive by.

“Of course, it will probably mean more to them if they are ­actually stopped,” she said. “That is really, really exciting when people stop.”

Jason Jacobs said the team members are not out there to proselytize or win people to the church, although they do want to establish people’s trust.

“We’re just out here to proclaim God’s love to them,” he said.



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