Senior Saint: Rena Mobley

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is fifth in our series introducing local “saints,” as nominated by members of their congregations.



Rena Mobley went on her first mission trip at 65.

She had worked 41 years as an accountant for Deerfield Speciality Papers, choosing to retire in 2001 to fill her days with service.

“It’s important for me because of all those years I worked and did not have time to do what I felt I should be doing in serving the Lord,” said Mobley, now 77. “And so to serve others now is my greatest joy.”

At her church, First Baptist of Augusta, she’s a longtime deacon, a former Women’s Missionary Union president, home-bound ministry coordinator and wedding director.

She coordinates food for 400 children in vacation Bible school and comes to the church on Mondays to reuse Sunday’s altar flowers. Her team breaks down the large vases of flowers into individual bouquets to deliver to local hospitals.

“Rena is not just a ‘coordinator,’ ” said church member Marianne Frye. “She gladly gives of herself and her time.”

Rena, she added, is a true “saint,” the best definition of a Godly servant.

“She does not seek recognition,” according to Frye, “but deserves it more than anyone else I know.”

Mobley said she enjoys doing “anything and everything.”

“What don’t I do?” she said with a laugh. “Preach. I don’t preach and I don’t sing. Almost anything else they need help with.”

Mobley says she plans to keep on serving in any way she can for as long as she can. On April 13, 2012 – Friday the 13th – Mobley was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

“Through chemo treatments and a couple of hospital stays, she continues to serve with that smile on her face,” Frye said. “When I gave her a big hug after the diagnosis, she told me, with a smile, ‘It is God’s body to do with what He will.’ ”

That’s the truth, Mobley said.

“It’s okay. It’s in God’s hands,” she said. “You know, if life here is over, I’m ready, so take me home. And if it’s not my appointed day, then tell me what I need to do and give me strength to do it. Life’s good. It’s a gift.”

Her days are still filled with joy.

“I’ve always hoped that the love of Jesus would show on the outside because it’s inside,” she said. “I’ve had such a beautiful life.”

Senior Saint

WHO: Rena Mobley

CHURCH: First Baptist Church of Augusta

NOMINATED BY: Marianne Frye, church member

ABOUT MOBLEY: “If you visit our church, the first face you will see is that of a smiling and welcoming Rena Mobley,” Frye said.