Senior Saints: Loulie Driggers

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series introducing local “saints,” as nominated by members of their congregations.


Loulie Driggers has been a member of her church for as long as there’s been a church.

Nine years ago, she helped found Christ Church Presbyterian in Evans.

The 88-year-old Evans resident quickly became a fixture there, her pastor said.

“I learned quickly that she was someone who loved to be in church. She’s here Sunday school, morning, evening,” said the Rev. Josiah Jones.

Driggers is mother to two children, grandmother to five grandsons and great-grandmother to nine great-grandchildren, mostly boys.

“Loulie claims me as her second son,” said Billy Hatcher, ruling elder, who has known Driggers for more than 30 years.

“Loulie is just someone who is always here, morning and evening, regardless of theweather, regardless of how dark it is for evening church,” he said. “She makes it here every Sunday.”

Driggers said she loves being the first person through the doors each Sunday.

“When the doors are open, I’m usually here,” she said. “I just love the people because they love me and they love the Lord. … I think that’s the main thing about this church is the Lord, don’t you?”

Helping found the church was a blessing, Driggers said.

“The greatest honor I’ve had here, besides everybody accepting me no matter my age – every age group, you know, has accepted me – they made me a trustee. One of the first ones, you know. So I got to go to all the meetings about buying land. I signed a lot of papers,” she said.

“It’s really been wonderful here. We do everything to the glory of God. We have a wonderful minister.”

Driggers, Jones said, is part of a wonderful congregation.

“It’s clear she has a love for Christ. Often after a service, she comes up to me to say something encouraging. She always has a smile. She makes very good homemade bread,” he said with a laugh. “When I think about someone who has a simple, yet sincere faith, that has produced in her love, kindness, a steady walk with Christ.”

Simply put, he said, it’s a “simple, sincere, steadfast faith.”

To which Driggers responded: “I was going to say I was a simple Christian, but you did it for me.”


Sunday Saints

WHO: Loulie Driggers, 88

CHURCH: Christ Church Presbyterian, Evans

NOMINATED BY: Billy Hatcher, ruling elder

ABOUT DRIGGERS: “I think about someone who has a simple, yet sincere faith, that has produced in her love, kindness, a steady walk with Christ.” – The Rev. Josiah Jones, the pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian


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