Local song featured on new Vineyard music album

Worship filled Vineyard Community Church of Augusta last week as a band – the musicians behind a new CD, Not Be Moved – played songs from the new release.


The album, recorded live at a worship conference in Marietta, Ga., last summer, features a song written at Augusta’s Vineyard Community Church.

The Rev. Jeff Miller says he wrote Everything is in Your Hands out of a season of struggle. 

“For me, songwriting is sort of like sending postcards to God along my journey of faith. I have really struggled over some of these things, and took to writing to express myself to God,” he said. “The word ‘amen’ became a great stumbling block for me. It means ‘I attest to this.’ We say it at the end of prayers or well-spoken truth.”

Saying “amen” was easy until he was acquainted with great pain: the sudden death of his father, the loss of two babies, struggles leading the church and a daughter born with serious physical and mental disabilities.

“My difficulty to say ‘amen’ that God is truly good, strong, loving, etc., in the midst of my heartaches was very real,” he said.

Miller shared the song with a Vineyard Music producer.

“He liked it and it ended up being the one they published for this project,” Miller said.

The song was recorded for both the church’s 2012 self-produced record, Still You Are Faithful, and the CD that resulted from the summer worship conference, Not Be Moved.

The Not Be Moved band is made up of worship leaders from Vineyard churches: Diane Thiel Sharp, Mike O'Brien and Derek McTavish, along with talented instrumentalists from Vineyard bands across the Southeast, said Patrick Steed, worship and arts director at Vineyard Community Church of Augusta. They’re now touring on the new CD.

Through all of this and the writing of Everything is in Your Hands, the word “amen” has taken on a painful, but sweet meaning, Miller said.

“It's actually a pretty upbeat and happy song about God's faithfulness, and the heart of it for me is that lyric, ‘In all things, amen that you are good.’ ”

Get the CD:

Find Not Be Moved on iTunes and CDBaby and through Vineyard Worship at vineyardresources.com.