Worship event raises awareness to stop bullying

In the wake of Jerad Meriweather’s death, this much is clear: “There needs to be a Christian voice speaking out against bullying,” said Gordon Carver, lead singer of Dayz to Come, a local Christian band.


The band launches Worship Alive, a new community worship gathering, on Friday. The first event will be dedicated to the memory of Jerad, a 13-year-old honor student at Grovetown Middle School who died by suicide in January.

In the wake of his death, a foundation has formed to fight bullying. Gerald Meri­weather, Jerad’s father, will speak on behalf of the foundation when local musicians come together Friday night for worship.

“Dayz to Come is a family band, and he was our cousin,” Carver said. “This concert will bring awareness to stop bullying.”

Members of Dayz to Come play in their home church, Living Waters, but say this is an effort that goes beyond any one congregation. The first event will be held a few miles away, at Grace Fellowship of Augusta. Wes Roberts of Quest Church and Nate Barbour of Good News Church will also perform.

“We come together to play music and put a positive message out there,” said Curtis Carver, the group’s drummer. “We play for kids who have been in situations where they need a positive influence.”

The message, Gordon Carver said, is Jesus Christ himself.

“We’re not ashamed to say the name of Jesus,” he said. “Worship Alive is also about inspiring our youth to worship alive together with no shame.”

The message has the potential to change of culture of bullying, Gordon Carver said.

Bullying “is going on, no matter how many people say it’s not. People need to know about this and that they don’t have to stand for it,” he said. “There are churches and voices and most importantly Jesus Christ standing behind them.”

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WHAT: A community worship event

WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday, March 8

WHERE: Grace Fellowship of Augusta, 1725 Sibley Road

LEARN MORE: Call (706) 736-0784 or see gracefellowshipofaugusta.com.