QuickHit: Christina Perri "Lovestrong"



Artist: Christina Perri

Released: May 10

My review:  Once upon a time, my friend posted a beautiful routine from the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance." The soundtrack to the clip was by the lovely singer/songwriter Christina Perri, then an unknown. A year later, the songstress has been heard by every top 40 radio listener as her single "Jar of Hearts" has dominated the airwaves with its epic emotion and pretty piano melody.

May 10, Perri released her debut album titled "Lovestrong" with a collection of predictably poetic love songs. Twenty seconds into the first song "Arms," I was worried the CD would consist of only "Jar of Hearts"-sounding songs, but the tune quickly picked up speed and presented a newer sound than already heard from Perri.

While the album is chock-full of Taylor Swift/Sarah Bareilles type tunes, they definitely showcase a different side to the arguably overplayed artist.

Listeners (probably those of the teenage girl persuasion) will turn up tracks like the bouncy "Bang Bang Bang" and the fast paced "Mine" as they recall that certain lad who's caused stress.

While some of the slower ballads like "Miles" and "Tragedy" have lovely stories to tell, they do tend to drag on a bit. Regardless, there are enough upbeat songs that I, personally, will probably be dancing to around my room in the near future.

So if you like empowering, beautiful lyrics and can deal with some sappy ballads, then I would just toss this new release in your iTunes cart.

Grade: A

--Mary Elizabeth Goodell, Teen Board Member