QuickHit: 'Wasting Light,' Foo Fighters

‘Wasting Light'


Artist: Foo Fighters

Released: April 12

Review: Definitely the fiercest work to ever come from the Foo Fighters, the album is a good effort.
However, it almost seems like Wasting Light tries to be too heavy at times. The classic Dave Grohl vocals are still present in the majority of the album. But he sometimes goes into growls reminiscent of Pearl Jam, but not nearly as effective, and his attempts at hardcore style screaming are even less so.

Much of the guitar work on these attempted heavy songs, such as "White Limo," is sloppy and detracts from the sound of the band as a whole.

However, the album contains several jewels, such as the final track, "Walk," with lyrics reminiscent of their classic single, "Everlong." On the whole, I say it's a good release for the Foo Fighters.

Grade: B+

--John Quinn, Teen Board Member