Women use Web to share prom dresses after twisters

ATLANTA -- Two women are turning to the Internet in hopes of finding prom dresses and attire for high school students who lost the clothing in tornadoes.


The women - one in Georgia and the other in Alabama - created Facebook sites so anyone with prom dresses and other items can connect with storm victims who are in need of the clothing for upcoming high school proms.

Patty Bullion, an Alabama woman who created another Web site aimed at returning wind-blown photos and papers to their owners, is promoting the prom sites on her page, which has gained thousands of followers.

Several Alabama high schools have not yet held their proms, Bullion said. She hopes that having proms in some of the communities hit by the storms might allow students to finish the school year with a bit of normalcy amid the devastation.

"They're trying to find a way for these kids to at least have their prom," Bullion said. "To a teenage girl, getting to put that dress on... that means everything.

Tiffiany Stone of Trenton, Ga. used one of the sites Monday to offer her red prom dress to any girl who needs it.

Stone knows the needs are great because her own community was ravaged by a tornado.

"We need everything right now," she said.

One of the Facebook sites is called "Prom Dresses for Tornado Victims," and the other is "Rescue Prom."

In Alabama alone, education officials say the storms heavily damaged 18 schools.

Across the South, officials have been trying to decide how to finish the school year and what to do about events such as proms.


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