Mission trip to Tanzania eye-opening experience

Kaitlyn Hadden plays with children in Sunday school at Tanzania. See more photos in the photo gallery.

This spring break, I went to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with my school to serve in schools and orphanages. Three other Westminster Schools of Augusta students went with me, along with three school administrators. 


The trip was formed after much prayerful consideration and anticipation.

The school made an application and gave it to two classes, Christian Leadership and Current Events. The team was chosen, and we started to prepare spiritually and culturally. It was an honor to be included on Westminster's first mission trip because I have always enjoyed serving my own community and feel as if I should serve globally.

Going to Africa was an eye-opening experience because I was exposed to so many new things. I played soccer with orphans and taught English to a room full of 100 Swahili-speaking kids. I was able to tour a medical facility, the nicest of its kind in Tanzania. Better, though, were the people I met.

Americans stress efficiency, but Africans put an emphasis on personal relationships. We met William, the pastor of a church in Madala Village. He is such a humble man, who praises the Lord in everything he does. William's wife, Stella, had a baby while we were in Tanzania.

It was an interesting experience to go to the maternity ward in a Tanzanian hospital. I connected with several people there, and I believe they have touched my life.

I learned so much from the people there, but the most important lesson I learned was to be thankful for what I have.

Teen Board Member Sabrina Rush is a junior at Westminster Schools of Augusta

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