Teen Profile: Wesleigh Gwinn


Wesleigh Gwinn, 16, is a sophomore at Augusta Preparatory Day School. She has studied Chun Kuk Do at the Premier Martial Arts School under Masters Aaron and Eric Hensley for six years.


Created by Chuck Norris, this karate style is mainly based on Tang Soo Doo, but incorporates many other styles of martial arts. This discipline focuses not only on strengthening the body and mind, but also adheres to a code of ethics that requires respectful treatment of others and a positive outlook. Wesleigh plans to continue to study Chun Kuk Do throughout her life and teach this marital art while in college. She is currently a Black Belt and is training to receive a first degree black belt.

Bragging Rights: First place at Augusta Prep Idol in 2009 and second place in 2010, first place is weapons at United Fighting Arts Federation Chun Kuk Do ITC Las Vegas Tournament 2010. She's taken first place at many local karate tournaments in weapons, traditional forms, contemporary forms, and sparring.

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Horseback Riding, Modeling

Favorite Subject: Chemistry

Idols: Aaron Hensley, Chuck Norris and Fran Gwinn (Wesleigh's mother)

Summer Plans: Spending time with friends, performing with the martial arts team

College Plan: She'd like to be on the equestrian team at Texas A&M University or the University of Georgia

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: "Repo"

Favorite Celebrity: Adam Lambert and Pink

Defined by: Jeans

What scares you the most?: Cockroaches

Pet Peeves: Nails on a chalkboard and people who lie

Who was the last person you hugged? Joseph Pendergast

Favorite Food: Chocolate

--Samantha Dhaliwal, Teen Board Member




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