Prom about fun, not debauchery

My friends looked at me crazy when I said I went bowling after prom like it was the wrong thing to do. What's wrong with clean fun though?


Nothing in my eyes, but it seems in recent years that debauchery is just one of the things that come in the prom package now. A dress, cute heels, swagger like Diddy, and oh yeah, someone to show you a good time.

But prom is not about that, you see.

Though prom has modernized into short dresses and all-white tuxes, it still carries the same concepts. It's still a formal event, where a man is on his best behavior and treating the lady who he keeps in arm as well as possible. It's still a place where you can party without the drugs, alcohol and many other things that have polluted this generation with overpowering addiction.

And let's not forget about after the prom is over. You're really supposed to go home, but the youth of this generation is all about after parties. At the end of the night though, all that really matters is that you had a good time, not if your date is trying to hook up or not. That's what I wish more teens would understand.

So this year, make a difference and go do something fun. I did that night, and I will never regret it, nor forget it. Bowling, chilling with friends, watching movies, or just talking to your date on the front porch for a few hours: I promise that it will still be a good prom, and you will still get everything you could out of that night.

Teen Board Member Joyce Sanchez is a junior at Grovetown High School