Teen Profile: Neil Davenport

Neil Davenport, 18, is a junior at Evans High School. His hobbies include sleeping, drawing, playing golf, singing and anything having to do with creative. He is a member of multiple clubs at school such as Drama club, the Republican club and Future Business Leaders of America.


Favorite color: red

Favorite clothing brand: Ralph Lauren Polo

Favorite Snack: Beefaroni

Favorite Subject: Drama and history

Favorite Soda: Diet Coke

Best song heard this month: "Here comes the Sun" by The Beatles

Little Known Fact: "I am hesitant with asking out a girl and afraid of rejection."

Best Book read this year: "The Great Gatsby," F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Learns life's greatest lessons from: His parents, but also from his mistakes and decisions.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Drama

Favorite Pair of Sneakers: Converse

--Amie Mbye, Teen Board Member