Finding jobs tough, frustrating for teens

Every application I've turned in hasn't gotten a reply. Is it because I'm 16?


Do you think I'm unable to work as hard as a 17-year-old or even an 18-year-old? How would you know if you won't give me a chance?

Many teens are excited to turn 16 because it's the age of employment, but employment rarely happens. Most of my peers tell me they got a job because they were connected to the manager or an employee in some way.

Jazzmen Ishman, 16, a sophomore at Butler High School says she's been trying to get a job since she was 15, but she's losing hope.

" When I turned 16 all my faith was already gone, and I was angry at just about every friend that had a job," she said. "I'm currently applying for every job I can, but still no luck."

Arthur Chapman, 20, is a college student at Augusta State University, and he says he knows the frustrations of being 16 and looking for a job.

"I understand how all 16-year-old teens feel, because when I was 16 I had to work so hard to get my first job, and my first job was at a car wash working all day to get like 8 dollars. (That) was the worst job I've ever had, but I did it and I was happy for it. So just start off little and you'll make your way up there to Burger King or being a waiter."

To all of my peers just keep at it, its nothing more we can do. Life is getting harder, people crueler and opportunities slim to none. Keep going till you get what you're striving for.

Encouragement is nice, but sometimes all we want is what we want. Give us a chance to show you we can amount to your expectations.

Teen Board Member Dominique Bercier is a sophomore at Butler High School.



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