Teen band: Adia Alive

(left to right) Jay Klingel, Matt Bratton, Zach Heise, Tyler Melvin

Adia Alive, an emerging local band is Matt Bratton (vocals and guitar), Zach Heise (bass), Jay Klingel (drums) and Tyler Melvin(lead guitarist)


Clip of "Mercy" by Adia Alive.

Stats: They're all students or graduates of the Academy of Richmond Count -- Matt, 18, senior; Jay, 19, 2010 graduate; Tyler, 16,  junior; Zach, 18, senior.

Bragging rights: Adia Alive is a talented band made up of members from the Academy of Richmond County. They have been playing together for about a year and six months but started getting serious in August. They currently practice and record in ARC’s newly built recording studio, where they use professional equipment to produce great music so be looking out for them at local venues.

What is your favorite genre to play? Punk-We experiment with other stuff, but punk is definitely our favorite.

What are your future plans as a band? “We already have six original songs and hope to have a completed album recorded by the end of the school year.”

What is the hardest part of creating a new song? Lyrics come naturally, but getting everyone synchronized is the hardest part.

How did you pick your band name? Matt had dreams about a girl named Adia, and the name seemed right for the band.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? “Nothing weird, we just try to get our nerves out so we can play.”

What is your long term goal as a band? Making it to Warped Tour.

--Taylor Smith, Teen Board Member.