Fit to be Gold: Teresa Lee

AGE: 51


HOMETOWN: North Augusta

WORK: Deputy sheriff with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office

STARTING WEIGHT: 203.4 pounds

TRAINER: Kenya Harvey

WHY PARTICIPATE? "To get myself back in shape with hope of lowering my blood pressure and making my all around health better."

HAVE YOU TRIED TO LOSE WEIGHT IN THE PAST? "Yes. Diets, cutting back on food. Whatever the latest fad was at the time. It was up and down. I'd lose it and gain it, lose it and gain it."

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE? "This go around, I haven't found it to be hard. I think I'm more motivated to get it off because of my health. I've got high blood pressure, so I'm on blood pressure medicine. I've been taking that for the last 13 years. That's one of my goals, is to get my weight down and hopefully to get off my blood pressure medicine, which they say is obtainable, and to make myself healthy. I'm not getting any younger."

IS IT HARD TO STAY MOTIVATED? "No. (Because of) my job, and trying to get back healthy for it because you can't be out of shape. I'm not on the road every day, but I handle a lot of evidence for the sheriff's office, so it's still motivating me. And the accountability, especially since they've teamed us with a partner, I'm accountable to my partner."

HOW WILL YOUR LIFE CHANGE? "I think it will definitely be for the better. I'll feel better. I'll have more energy to do what I want to do. I ride motorcycles as a hobby. I just think all around I'll just feel better. I already do. I sleep better, I'm not as tired. I don't have small children; my children are grown. But hopefully I'll be around for the time when they're married and I've got grandchildren. To be healthy and be able to play with my grandkids, whenever that is."

IS THE REGIMEN WHAT YOU EXPECTED? "Yes, pretty much. I told Kenny going into it, I said, 'You push me and you push me hard. Don't let me slack off. Make me push myself.' And he does. He makes me push myself. I love him to death. He gets every ounce of everything out of me. When I finish that hour, I'm dog tired."

FAVORITE FOOD: "My favorite food is chocolate. But since I've started on this I've given up sweets. I've given up my sweet tea, which I love dearly. Those are probably the two biggest things that were the hardest to give up."

THE DIET: "I'm actually -- without doing Weight Watchers -- I'm doing Weight Watchers. I eat it for breakfast and lunch. I'll have a snack of applesauce, raisins, yogurt, something like that in the middle of the day. I drink a lot of water and my green tea all day long. Then I eat a sensible meal for dinner."

Stay hydrated

If you're doing at least 30 minutes of medium- to high-intensity, spend 15 minutes drinking water or fluid after. It depends on fitness, intensity and conditions but generally going for more than an hour or hour and a half means also having to replace sodium, potassium and carbohydrates.

Source: Jeff Poole, exercise specialist at University Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute and Dr. Gary Pierce, exercise physiologist at the Georgia Prevention Institute at Georgia Health Science University