Cher in the City: Thoughts on living a fearless life

I know this happens to almost everybody. You’re sitting in church and your pastor starts talking and it seems like he or she is talking about exactly what you are going through.


This past Sunday, that’s exactly what happened to me.

On Sunday, I was running a bit behind headed to church. I’m generally a few minutes late, so that day was no different. Lucky for me, most of the time my friend Rere is always on time and she usually saves me a seat, near the middle or back row of the church. As I walked in, I realized that Rere was walking in just behind me so we were both a little … tardy. We walked in together.

Instead of being escorted to our usual middle, back row, the usher led us straight to the front. Dumb­founded, Rere and I looked blankly at each other and sat down. I whispered to her, “Maybe we are a VIP today.” She laughed and sat down.

After the dance ministry danced and the choir sang, Pastor Evette walked to the podium and said, “Today I’d like to speak to you on living a fearless life.” She continued, “God wants us to live life fearlessly for us to live successful lives without being tormented by fear.”

Wow, I thought, this should be good. It had only been a few weeks ago that I found myself freaking out after a friend was put in harm’s way.

As the pastor spoke, I remembered all the times I had been afraid for myself and for other people. Being the sibling of military brothers and sisters, and having friends and loved ones who are first responders has sometimes put me in a state of unrest. I wondered, if you have family, friends or loved ones who work in service jobs like the military, fire and police departments or most anything that would put them in harm’s way, how does one not live in fear over the safety or wellbeing of the people you care about?

She continued, “To live life fearlessly you must have faith in four things: (1) God’s presence (2) God’s power (3) God’s protection and (4) God’s provision.”

I heard Rere whisper; “I needed to hear that. I think she was talking directly to me.”

​I didn’t say anything.

After I left church, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d said about being fearless. I know a few people who never seem to be afraid of anything. It was clear to me that I’m not one of them. What was also clear to me was that I’d certainly like to live a fearless life. Who wouldn’t? I guess that’s something I’ll just need to work on, and one thing I’ve never been afraid of is a little work.