Sonic Spotlight

T.J. Mimbs

T.J. Mimbs


AGE: 24

HOMETOWN: Warrenton, Ga.

OCCUPATION: By day, Mimbs delivers prescriptions for pharmacies. By night, he plays solo and with bands in Athens, Atlanta and Augusta.

PLAYS: "I dabble in pretty much everything but I mainly play guitar and keyboard." On his first EP, The Sight Makes You Blind, released in January, Mimbs also played drums and bass.

FIRST INSTRUMENT: Piano. "Back in elementary school I started taking lessons. I picked up the guitar when I was 12 and got into music seriously."

MUSICAL STYLE: "I like to call it folk rock. Growing up, I listened to a lot of grunge."

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan

FAVORITE CONCERT: "I love to go to shows. I go to as many shows with big artists as I can afford. Most of my inspiration comes from friends of mine who also play around Athens."

FAVORITE ALBUM: The White Album, The Beatles, or After The Gold Rush, Neil Young

FAVORITE MOVIES: "I could never name a favorite, I love so many. Things that are cerebral. Movies and books that really make you think about what you're doing and the way you've been thinking. They challenge your direction."

PRE-SHOW RITUAL: "I love to eat a good meal, drink a couple meals. I feel nourished."

SONGWRITING PROCESS: "The best songs I write just kind of come out of me. I don't usually sit down and think, 'I'm going to write a song.' It happens a lot when I'm going to sleep. I always have music in my head. When I quiet down enough to let that come through, that's when I get the best results."

WHAT'S AHEAD: Mimbs is playing with the band The District Attorneys in Athens, Ga., and Atlanta. He just recently started playing in Augusta.



T.J. Mimbs will play Sunday night at Wild Wing Cafe, 3035 Washington Road. For information, call (706) 364-WILD (9453).