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Zach Boyden-Holmes/Staff
Rodricus "Slim" Waters (left) and Mikell "Mac" Martin stand for a portrait Thursday afternoon in downtown Augusta.

Rodricus "Slim" Waters and Mikell "Mac" Martin


AGES: Waters, 21; Martin, 20


MEMBERS OF: Mac & Slim, since 2007

BEST CONCERT ATTENDED: Waters: Kid Cudi, House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, S.C. "He just put on a show, and that's important. You make the people that come out feel like that money was worth paying. You know what I mean? He interacted with the crowd very well, so that was a great experience."

TV FAVORITES: Martin: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin and Family Guy

THEIR FAVORITE MAC & SLIM GIG: The Courtyard, Fort Gordon, 2009. Waters: "We ended up coming there and rocking the show like headliners."

FAVORITE FOOD: Martin: Cheddar's ribs


MUSICAL ROOTS: Martin: "I've been writing music since I was in elementary school. ... It was just something that I was always interested in from the get-go. I always wanted to make music."

THEIR WORST GIG: Toys for Tots benefit, parking lot of Toys R Us, 2009. Waters: "There was nobody there. It was cold. ... (We had) two cord mikes, so we weren't really able to move around like we wanted to. ... We made the best of it, though. The little bit of people that were there, they did show us love, and we appreciate it."

FAVORITE ALBUMS: Waters: Trap Muzik and I'm Serious, T.I.; Man on the Moon: The End of Day, Kid Cudi; Ready to Die, The Notorious B.I.G.; 808s & Heartbreak and Graduation, Kanye West; The Blueprint, Jay Z; Tha Carter, Lil Wayne

PRE-SHOW RITUAL: Waters: "Mainly we just pray."

FAVORITE MOVIES: Martin: Superbad, Scarface, Menace II Society, The Woods and all of Will Ferrell's movies

SONGWRITING PROCESS: Waters: "Not to seem cocky, because Mac and Slim are the most humble people you will ever meet, but the songwriting process is really the easiest process. We can be sitting in the house bored, and we come across a beat, and then next thing you know we just freestyle and ideas just come to us."


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