Band to take acoustic approach

Hawthorne Heights is taking it all off for its fans in a Stripped to Down the Bone acoustic tour.


No blinding lights shows. No amplifiers. No voice equipment beyond a microphone.

Just the guys, their guitars, a piano and the fans.

But don't expect a boring show at Sector 7G tonight, just because it's acoustic.

The songs have been rearranged to fit an acoustic rendering, but they will still be full of energy, lead vocalist J.T. Woodruff said in a phone interview from the road last week.

"We just thought it would be really cool to do something entirely different for our core fans who come to every show."

It has been really cool for the band, too, as the members reworked their music to sound like themselves without the full-on electric presentation.

The effect is a much more intimate show, on a stage smaller than they're used to playing, in places they've never been before, including Augusta.

From a club's smaller stage, they can see the faces of the fans and hear their voices singing along. From the audience, fans can see the band members without needing binoculars and can hear for themselves that, yes, the band really can sing.

"I think it's really cool that people get to see us this way," Woodruff said. "You don't have anything to hide behind. Up there, we have to play pretty damn good."

Hawthorne Heights is promoting its new album, Skeletons, with this tour. It's the first one since 2008's Fragile Future.

It symbolizes a new beginning for a band whose 10-year history could be fodder for a VH1 Behind the Music episode.

The band lost guitarist Casey Calvert in 2007 to an accidental mixture of prescription drugs, and then became engaged in a long legal battle with its former label.

But with Skeletons, the band is putting the past in the past.

"I think it kind of symbolizes our fresh start on a new label," Woodruff said. "Kind of a new purpose, not worrying about anything that's happened in the past and moving forward."

If you go

WHAT: Hawthorne Heights, with Avia Maris, Hold Your Own, As For Me and My Latest Fashion

WHEN: 6 p.m. Thursday

WHERE: Sector 7G, 631 Ellis St.

COST: $11;